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Why You Should Invest in Continuing Education at Ashton College

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Why You Should Invest in Continuing Education at Ashton College

If you’re stagnating in your current career and looking to get an edge to push ahead, or even transition into a new field, then continuing education might be the right path for you. Continuing education allows you to expand your knowledge, learn new skills and explore new options. Here’s just a few advantages of taking continuing education courses online:

The Right Course for You

One of the best parts about continuing education is the sheer number of options available to you. Ashton College offers over 70 different courses as part of their continuing education department. The courses span disciplines from accounting and financial services to immigration, human services, technology, and so much more.

If you’re in HR and looking to expand your skill set you could register for a negotiation course, diversity and inclusion training, change management certification, conflict resolution training, or mediation training. These courses serve as both a great way to advance your career and an excellent way to get started in a new field.

Ashton even offers courses to prepare you for high stakes exams. You can take a Red Seal exam prep course to help you move ahead in the trades or take the CAEL preparation course or CELPIP preparation course to help you get the results you need for immigration. Ashton even offers a RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam preparation course for those looking to become immigration practitioners.


Ashton College’s continuing education courses are offered on a part-time basis through their Live Online learning platform. You can participate in your chosen course from any place where you have access to the internet, and the part-time schedule means you can continue to hold down your current job while you study. This is great for working professionals looking to get more out of their careers.

Working and studying simultaneously can be immensely beneficial to your current position. Immigration practitioners can take the lessons learned from Ashton’s advanced immigration certification courses and apply them directly to their practice. Paralegals can similarly enhance their current roles through paralegal specialist courses. Education assistants and community support workers will find Ashton’s autism courses, Orton-Gillingham training, Geriatric Certificate Program, and therapeutic recreation courses to be immediately and immensely beneficial to the current position.


Continuing education courses are short-term and built to teach you employable skills. This means that these courses are frequently changed and updated to match the latest industry developments. Look at Ashton College’s technology courses and you’ll see that it focuses on what’s relevant in the tech sector. Ashton offers a cloud computing course, AWS certification, robotics course, machine learning course, and Microsoft Azure certification. Taking a continuing education course will provide you with skills that are immediately usable in your field.


Ashton College focuses on developing courses that are accredited by major regulating institutions. This ensures that the courses you take are respected and acknowledged in their respective industries. Accredited courses can even help you earn certifications. When you take financial planner certifications courses through Ashton, you’re taking courses that are approved by FP Canada. If your interest is in finance, you could take a Canadian securities course, risk management course, Canadian tax course, payroll course, or earn your certificate in accounting through online accounting courses.

Dive in

There’s no better time to get started on your education than right now. The knowledge and skills available for you to learn will open up many opportunities in your professional life. Registration is open for a wide variety of courses and we’ve only touched the surface of what you can find in this article. Take your education and your career into your own hands and register for one of Ashton College’s continuing education courses online today.

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