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Tips To Prepare Your Application For Canada PR Visa

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Tips To Prepare Your Application For Canada PR Visa

According to a report of the United Nations, Canada stands foremost among few nations for its living standards. This means people residing in Canada enjoy a good lot of privileges. That is why it is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred destinations for people to immigrate as well as to study also.

The students and the professionals to immigrate, most often take the help of an immigration consultant to initiate their application process. There are a few aspects you must be well acquainted with before you apply for Canada PR Visa, regarding the immigration consultancy.

The governments of various countries have officially acknowledged this consultation business. Therefore, you must approach such a consultancy service which has been recognized by relevant immigration authorities.

The good thing about such an immigration consultant is that they possess the most up-to-date information on the laws of immigration. They also have the required knowledge related to all the procedures and practices as per the rules laid down.   

To Begin With

You will have to apply for this document before the concerned authorities. There are some enlisted programs from which you need to choose one if you are heading Canada to earn some livelihood. As you finally decide to immigrate to Canada, you need to have the Canada PR Visa.

The Express Entry is the most preferred program out of the other two namely Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). After choosing the best program that suits you, a relevant application form is to be submitted by you. Along with the application to be submitted, your supporting documents also need to be shown.

The authorities of Canadian Immigration then carry out the task of application processing, as per the procedure.   

The Preparations for Applications

Any applicant who has the potential can submit an application to obtain the Canada PR Visa at the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The secured passage is given to immigrants under 3 categories – humanitarian, family and economic.

To know and abide by all the procedures and guidelines you can take the assistance of an immigration consultant. So, the following tips are to be considered cautiously:  

So, the following tips are to be considered cautiously:  

  1. To identify the best Canada PR program. This will be your most important step towards acquiring the PR Visa. Some of the programs might require sponsors whereas some are based on points. You need to verify which one you are eligible for and which goes well with your wants and desires. But, to know all the legal information you can take a look into the “Citizenship Act and Regulations” or “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations.”
  2. Filling up the Application Form. You will have to submit the form which is the latest. The CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) website offers the latest version of the application, so download it from there only. Forms displayed on other sites may be outdated. The latest forms have a print towards the bottom of the page. You can also compare the other form, if you have any, to that being displayed in the CIC website.   
  3. Keep assembled the relevant documents. After the submission of the application form, you would be asked to submit certain documents. So, always keep them handy. Some documents usually take more than a few days to collect therefore it is always safe to keep them prepared. Documents of police verification need to be applied for early because background checks often take about a month or so. Other than this, your work experience letter and documents of civil status also need an early notice. The documents required as proof of what you have furnished in the application also needs to be up to date. Documents like the Passport or the Invitation to Apply do have an expiry date. Update them immediately. Other applicable documents like the Work Permit or Study Permit, Language Test Results, Police Verification Report, Medical Reports, Bank Statements, must bear the latest dates.
  4. Crosscheck the completed form. To fill the application form accurately and completely should be your main priority. Most PR Visa applications are rejected and sometimes get delayed because of the “silly mistakes.” Mistakes can go undetected so it is always safe to let someone check the application, twice or even thrice, before submission. Reading the instructions very cautiously and then addressing the matters can save a lot of worries.
  5. Abide by the checklist. The IRCC enlists a certain checklist as per the immigration program of what you have chosen. This is an important step in the way of your application submission. Every checklist is generated specifically based on the circumstances of the applicant. So, make sure you don’t miss out any of the things of the checklist.
  6. Evaluate the expenses involved. While getting ready with the PR Visa one should also include the calculation of charges and fees. The prime application fee comes around $500-600. Besides that, there are other application expenses such as Medical Health Test, Language Exams, Issue of Visa, Permanent Resident fee, etc. All of these might call for a budget of $1500 – $2000. Your expenses might exceed well behind the margin if you hire the services of an immigration consultant.
  7. Inform IRCC of major changes. After your submission of the PR Visa application if any vital change has occurred, notify the IRCC. If you got married or if there is a newborn baby, it is obligatory to inform the authorities while your application gets processed. Other changes if made any must be also informed like change in address, acquiring a new degree in education, or even if separated or divorced.

The methods for processing the application for Canada PR Visa are changing quite fast. Every application of every applicant would be different. Therefore, a great deal of complexity is involving the assessment process. All these processes are done by the CIC internally.  The applications are assessed by specific staffs that are superior in ranks. The processing time of Visa applications is not fixed. At most, it would take six months when you will hear from the CIC. It is essential for an applicant to know the time taken for the processing of applications and reduce nervousness and anxiety.
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