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The Canada PR Visa for Immigration and Their Benefits

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The Canada PR Visa for Immigration and Their Benefits

The immigrants who possess the privilege to live as well as work in Canada are granted the Visa to be a permanent resident of Canada. Those persons who have the provision of permanent residentship are approved for Canada PR. A prospective applicant can apply to acquire this Visa at the IRCC, i.e., Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. To acquire permanent residency Canada is counted among the most favorable country and also it is the preferred option. To receive maximum benefits from privileges offered at this country people from all around the world try to get the Canada pr visa. Canada is a country which is economically very competent and offers great prospects, not only for its inhabitants but also
for immigrants.

How to Acquire the Canadian Visa?

To start with, a person needs to fill up a form, an Assessment Form, in order to receive the Canada pr visa. The concerned authorities will review the details. Afterward they will get in touch with the person with full details of procedures involved and necessary advice. This will further help in immigration procedures, filing of application for visa and understanding the various categories of visa.

There are several choices available for an applicant to acquire the Canada pr visa. Nearly 60 programs for immigration are available, offered by the CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada). An applicant needs to choose the proper program which suits best according to the want and desire. The permanent residency process for Canada is based on points as per
the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The Citizenship & Immigration Canada accordingly nominates the applicant who scores points through various factors. And these factors are education, age, and talent, experience of work, language, and adaptability which counts in obtaining the Canada pr visa.

If a person makes the final decision to settle down in Canada then it is essential to apply for Canada pr visa. One must have the required knowledge of how to apply for visa, which immigration program to choose, etc. If a trained professional wants to apply she/he should know about the proper program to proceed further. Some of the most opted programs are
Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, and Express Entry. When the proper program is chosen an applicant needs to submit a standard application form. Along with it the necessary and related documents are also to be submitted. Subsequently, the processing of Canada pr visa applications is carried out, according to the procedures of
Canadian immigration. The Benefits of Getting a PR Visa

  1. An applicant becomes a permanent resident of Canada when the Canada pr visa is given. One can either study or work or even live in Canada anywhere. Besides these, the benefits enjoyed by Canadian Citizen can also be obtained.
  2. After a person becomes permanent resident of Canada, one can support other members of family to move into Canada. There are provisions that one can be a guarantor for family members who are eligible to get Canada pr visa.
  3. A person who has become a permanent resident of Canada can submit an application to get Citizenship of Canada. To avail this eligibility, one must have spent a stipulated time, at least 3 years in Canada.
  4. When someone gets the status of permanent resident, through Canada pr visa, in Canada she/he is free to work at any place and with any organization or company. But there are certain restrictions when it comes to some elite security jobs under the government. These jobs are exclusively reserved for the Canadian permanent citizens only.
  5. In Canada taxes are paid as per the rules of physical residency. So, a permanent citizen or a permanent resident of Canada one don’t need to pay taxes on the earnings made out of the country.
  6. Getting a Canada pr visa will help a person to enjoy the residentship of Canada, which can be very facilitating. The Governments of Canada, provincial and federal, allows to access education sponsored by the governments. One can avail the subsidized education of post secondary. One can also get access to various courses of spoken languages, without paying any cost. This scheme is given by the Federal Govt. of Canada.
  7. Obtaining a Canada pr visa for immigration will further help in receiving various services of social security. The residents permanently living in Canada is entitled to get essential pension, insurance for unemployment and compensation for workers. Other than these they would also receive subsidized medication and accommodation, for people of lower income and subsidized education. The permanent residents are also allowed training courses, without any fees, to enable job search.
  8. Just like the original inhabitants of Canada the immigrants who become Canada’s permanent resident, are also provided safety and security as per the Laws of Canada and Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Any immigrant who holds the Canada pr visa is said to be a permanent resident of Canada. This visa is given by the Government of Canada but such person is not a permanent citizen of Canada. Citizens coming from various countries are eligible for permanent residency. Moreover, a visitor, foreign worker or a student cannot be considered as a permanent resident as the stay is temporary. The Government of Canada and its Laws confer various benefits to the Canada pr visa holder. In return these residents need to follow their responsibilities and duties. They must obey and respect the Laws of Canada. Any person can lose the status of permanent resident if any conviction is made for severe illegal offence. There are many authorized representatives, referred to as “immigration consultant” who can help out in obtaining a Canada pr visa. These representatives work for different agencies of the Government of Canadian or authoritarian organization. Before paying any hefty amount, just make sure that the representative is carrying the required credentials to deal with an
applicant. Hiring the services of an efficient “immigration consultant” might turn out the complete process of immigration to be a pleasant experience.

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