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  1. That the individual undertakes to pay the nonrefundable charges to the Firms as per the Annexure attach for the services of the Firm, apart from the statutory charges/fees as applicable.
  2. That the firm shall make arrangements to get the application forms for express entry and will assist the Individual in filling-up application forms and all the other documentation. The Individual shall fill up the Application Form and also hereby authorize the Firm or if required, shall execute a separate authorization in favor of the firm thereby authorizing the firm to keep in touch with embassy and other concerned authority.
  3. The firm will forward the completed applications and all other documents to embassy and other concerned authority, in one lot. The Individual shall also route all matters regarding Express Entry through the Firm only.
  4. That it is agreed between the parties that the Firm will undertake all correspondence with the embassy and other concerned authority, till the receipt of the result from the embassy and other concerned authority. However, the individual in a time bound manner shall co- operate the Firm to do same and the Individual shall promptly make available any further documents asked for by the embassy and other concerned authority.
  5. The individuals represented the Firm that the documents submitted by the Firm on behalf of the individual are genuine and the Firm shall not liable for any loss occasioned due to authenticity of the said documents and the Individuals also
  6. Agrees to indemnify the firm, for any loss occasioned to the Firm, due to the authenticity of the documents.
  7. That it is agreed between the parties that any correspondence made by the individual directly with the embassy and other concerned authority will be deemed to be a violation of this agreement by the Individual, thus termination of this agreement.
  8. The firm shall not be responsible for the delay and/or rejection of Express Entry by embassy and other concerned authority, and the amount given by the Individual to the Firm shall not be refunded on any ground whatsoever.
  9. That it is agreed between the parties that the Firm shall not be liable for any loss that occasioned due to delay in visa application, rejection of visa application, loss of passport and other documents, delay in stamping, Change of policy, etc. for any reason.
  10. That it is agreed between the parties that firm is not bound to disclose the password and security questions to the client of profiling section in Express Entry Program. If the client insists to know the particular information he has to pay the consultancy charges in full and final before disclosing the information. The firm will not be liable for any changes or adverse result.
  11. If the Individual is a Minor, the Representative should sign this agreement on behalf of the Individual. The Representative will be required to fulfil all the administrative obligations of the Individual as per this agreement.
  12. That it is also agreed between the parties that Indian Laws shall govern the validity of this agreement, its interpretation and performance and the courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all issues/disputes which may arise out of or in connection with this agreement.
  13. By signing this agreement the Individual or Representative acknowledges have reading and understanding the terms, conditions and obligations set forth in this agreement and agrees to abide by the same. 

Client responsibilities and commitment:


The client must provide, upon request from the consultant (as per requirement)

A- All necessary documentation required by immigration authorities within the delay stipulated B- All documentation should in French or in English and/or translated in French or English

C- Client has chosen us to help in putting file in pool and if Canadian Lawyer is needed extra charges are applicable.


The consultant’s obligations under the retainer agreement are null and void if the client knowingly provides any inaccurate, misleading or false material information. The client financial obligations remain at all times.





Meharban Oversees Pvt. Ltd.

Branch: Pitam Pura New Delhi, India

A/C No-018461900001352

IFSC Code: YESB0000984


Wons Traders 

A/C no-5011648

Transit no-92780

INT number-004

Swift code:TD0MCATTT0R

BRANCH:5606/152 ST surrey BC 





Payment terms and conditions: 



  1. Total Professional fees of member: as per program decided.
  2. Payment for expenses such as Courier/Postage/Copying/Notary: The client should incur all these expenses at his end. Where the client does not incur such expenses, the member will raise the invoice at actual and same will be reimbursed by the client.
  3. Canadian Government fees: As per actual payable directly by the client to the Government agencies. Current expense heads include Application Processing Fee, medical costs, Right of Landing fee and other fee that may be asked for by the Government.


Special agreement:


Supplementary fees, if the client adds additional applicant to the initial file at a later stage or wants file to be transferred to another visa post, such an additional service will be provided against an additional fee –AS GIVEN ABOVE

In case of a negative decision by the immigration authorities, the client wants services of the Canadian Lawyer through company to make an appeal against the negative decision; the supplementary fees will be as per mutual agreement between the client and Lawyer. AND all CHARGES ARE NON REFUNDABLE





All information and documentation reviewed by consultant, required by CIC and/or Quebec /any province immigration and used for the preparation of the application will not be divulged to any third party, other than agents, without prior consent, except as demanded by law. The consultant and all agents are also bound by the confidentiality requirements of Article 8.1 and 8.5 of the code of professional Ethics. The client agrees to the use of electronic communication and storage of confidential information. Consultant will try to use his best efforts to maintain a high degree of security for electronic communication and information storage.



Force majeure:


The failure to perform any term of this retainer agreement, as a result of conditions beyond his control such as, but not limited to, like sickness of the member, governmental restrictions or subsequent legislation, war, strikes, or act of God shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement.



Change Policy:


The client acknowledge that if the consultant is asked to act on the client behalf on matters others other than those outlined above in this Agreement, or because of a material change in the client circumstances, or because of material facts not disclosed at the outset of the application, or because of a change in government legislation regarding the processing of immigration-related applications, the Agreement can be modified accordingly upon mutual agreement.




  1. In the event Canadian province for example – PEI, NOVA-Scotia, SINP, Quebec /BC immigration should contact the client directly, the client is instructed to notify immediately.
  2. The client is to immediately advise by the consultant of any change in the marital family, or birth of a child, or civil status or change of physical address or contact information for any person included in the application.
  3. The client understands that they must be accurate and honest in the information they provide and that any inaccuracies may void this Agreement or seriously affect the outcome of the application or the retention of any status they may obtain.





A- This Agreement is considered terminated upon completion of stage-wise tasks identified under section 2 of this agreement. Fee up to the stage of termination would be earned by consultant is not refundable.


B- This Agreement is considered terminated if material changes occur to the client application or eligibility or if the client is not picked up from express entry pool, which make it impossible to proceed with services detailed in section 2 of this Agreement.


C- This agreement may be terminated, upon writing, by the client, at which time any outstanding fees or disbursement for services not yet delivered will be refund by the consultant to the client/ any outstanding fees or disbursement for services already delivered will be remitted by the client to the consultant.


D- Pursuant to article 14 of the Code of Professional Ethics, this Agreement may be terminated, upon writing, by the consultant, provided withdrawal does not cause prejudice to the client.


E- A NO full or partial refund is given to the client.


F- The consultant comes to the opinion that somebody other than the client is making efforts to gain access to the services for his personal or professional gains. No services will be provided and agreement will be null and void.


G- The consultant forms the views that client has furnished bogus or confusing details/particulars.

I-A time frame of three (3) months comes to an end during which the fail to respond to a communication, in any form, from the team.

H- The Client hereby agrees that in the case the professional fees/disbursement fees payable to The Consultant are delayed beyond 30 days from the due date, the amount shall be paid by the Client along with a cumulative monthly interest at 2.0%. The Client must not issue instructions To the bank not to honor the cheque/draft.

I-Client, on his own or through others, behaves in such a violent

J- Abusive manner with the member or any of his employees. No excuse will be owner.

K-Where the client (and if married spouse as well) does not apply for, at his costs, and provides the ECA report within 60 days of signing of the agreement.

L- The client and (and if married spouse as well) does not undergo IELTS test and gets the desired band which will make place in the merit in express entry pool, within 3 months of signing this agreement.


Note- Service Charges has to be given with GST and GST number.

Without receipt no amount will be considered. Validation:

The client acknowledges that he has read this Agreement, understands it, has obtained such independent legal advice before signing it, as he deems appropriate, and agrees to be bounded by its terms.

The client acknowledges that he has requested that the Agreement be written in the English language. I have understood complete agreement and I agree all rules and regulations of company




The client understands, has been informed and agrees to comply with following duties, terms and conditions:


  1. Where married, the choice of which of the spouses is to the principal client lies with the MOPL and the decision of the MOPL in this context will be final. MOPL stands for Meharban overseas Pvt. Ltd.


  1. The client has been informed about the details of express entry program that is applicable with from Starting 1Jan 2015.The client has been informed and understands that his selection in the express entry pool is not guaranteed by MOPL and that his immigration application can be filed with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) only if he gets an invite to apply (ITA) from CIC to proceed with filing his Permanent Residence application.


  1. The client has been informed that to be eligible to file application in the express entry pool, he must meet the CIC selection criteria – of 67 points -for federal skilled worker Category, including points criteria, language, experience, job offer or posting or educational requirements, if any. Onus to meet requirements leading to getting 67 points lies with the client. And new CRS program on express entry.


  1. The client and if married, even spouse – at their costs – will faithfully undergo the process of Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) with an accredited credential assessment agency, like WES, at his costs and expenses. The report should confirm that his (and where applicable spousal as well)current qualifications are recognized equivalent of corresponding Canadian qualifications and are worthy to be acceptable as per Canadian standards and in claiming the required number of points under the educational factor of the selection point’s grid. All costs related to ECA process are non-refundable under all circumstances and will be paid directly by the client and (if married) his spouse to WES. The client has clear understanding that in the absence of positive ECA report(s) that confirms equivalency leading to point’s credit, it might not be possible for him and (if married) the spouse to claim points under selection criteria and hence might make him ineligible to put his application in the express entry pool. The client has been informed that his application will not be filed in the express entry pool without Credential assessments report(s) and in case married, WES reports for both the spouses MUST be provided .In addition, post receipt of ITA, the client must give originals of IELTS and WES reports (where applicable and married, for both self and spouse) for submission with application.


  1. For ECA process, the client and (if married) the spouse, will be required to get sealed transcripts from all post- secondary institutions — at his/her costs and time and forward them to accrediting agency. Further, the client has also been informed that all assessments done by MOPL as regards points he or (where applicable) his spouse may get are subject to final ECA report on the matter done by WES or similarly accredited agency and decision in this context of the accredited agency will be final.
  2. The client and (if married) the spouse will faithfully undergo the IELTS test (at their costs) provide the IELTS test report in general module truthfully, as advised by the MOPL and the Processing Visa Office and do so within 60 days of signing of this contract of engagement. The principal client MUST get a MINIMUM score of 6.0 in each of the four skills of IELTS test. In some instances, where the client is losing points under some other factors, he will be required to claim 6.0 in each module of the four skills of the IELTS general module test. The definition of desired IELTS as applicable to the client and his occupation is identified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and by minimum pass-mark criteria under federal skilled worker program and applicable on the date of filing of his application to CIO. The client has been informed and has clear understanding that required module for the purposes of FSW program is General and NOT Academic module

.IELTS test reports for both the spouses MUST be provided to ensure that maximum points can be claimed leading to better chance of being higher in the ladder in the express entry pool thereby leading to improved chances of getting accepted in the express entry pool.


  1. Wherever Invitation to apply (ITA) is received, the client will provide to the MOPL all documents and information requested in CIC communication in time for submission within stipulated 60 days by the Visa Office, allowing sufficient time for the MOPL to forward such information to the Immigration authorities. The client will provide all forms, information and documents within 40 days of receipt of ITA to MOPL so that enough time left with MOPL to meet the 60 days submission deadline.


  1. The client will faithfully disclose to the MOPL, all information related to any and all of the Client’s and dependents’ current or prior criminal charges and / or convictions.


  1. The client will forthwith advise / inform the MOPL of any and all communications received by the Client from the processing visa office – in writing or telephonic – within 7 days of receipt of such communication. The client will forthwith advise / inform the MOPL of any personal contact initiated by him with any the processing visa office – within 7 days of such a contact, in any manner whatsoever during the processing of their application be careful with your documents due handling /meeting

Person is nor consultant and not a member of Canadian council or ICCRC, he is consultant /employer With his practice in consultancy.


  1. The client understands that the processing delays of his / her application for Canadian Resident Visa are at the discretion and pleasure of Visa Office and the MOPL cannot hasten up the process.
  2. The client will faithfully execute application forms as required and obtain / provide documents and information that may be necessary for the processing of the case.


  1. If scheduled, faithfully attend all interviews when required by the processing Visa office at the location advised by the Visa Office — within or outside the India – and at his cost; promptly advise the MOPL of all instructions as communicated by the visa office at the interview.


  1. Demonstrate possession of sufficient liquid funds prior to visa issuance, or at any time during the application processing, In accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Government’s policy on settlement funds. The said settlement funds policy has been intimated to the client, who in turn has confirmed that he/she is capable of meeting the related requirements in liquid form such as savings account, fixed deposit receipts etc. Pay the applicable processing fee and Right of Landing fee for self and family to CIC. He understands that his application for the Permanent Resident Visa cannot be filed without the processing fee at Canada federal stage and cannot be further processed for visa issuance without payment of Right of landing fee for self and applicable family members. The amount of the applicable processing fee and Right of Landing fee has been intimated to the client, who in turn has confirmed that he/she is capable of meeting the related requirements.


  1. That the application processing fee paid by him to Canadian Visa Office for self / co-dependents is not refundable by the high commission and the MOPL is not a party to such payment or refund, irrespective of the decision on the application by CIO, NS or by CHC.


  1. All documents / information provided by the Client should be legal, valid and genuine. This includes, without exclusion to the other documents, educational and experiences certifications. False or misleading information or documents could lead to the refusal of the application, and being banned from future Canadian immigration applications. The onus to prove the legality, validity and genuineness of the submitted documents lies with the client.


  1. Intimate to the MOPL all information related to change of residential / mailing address, educational / professional qualifications, change of marital status / employment or employer, newly born children or any police / criminal case – subsequent to filing of application and during processing till the issuance of Permanent Resident Visa.


  1. Follow all instructions and guidelines given and provided by the MI at the time of filing and during the processing and till the time the visa offices finally dispose of file.


  1. You and your spouse must appear for IELTS and score L-8, R-7, W-7, S-7. If you do the same only then you will be eligible for fast process and extra points. If you are not able to score then we are not responsible. Then, you can only apply through PNP. You have to register with us for PNP. PNP charges are extra.

19(b) in any condition if your FSW points are less than 67 file will not be eligible


  1. The MOPL does not give and has not given assurance for any kind of service for job search or employment of any kind within India or post landing in Canada or for acceptance of immigration application.


  1. I paid per consultancy charges to the company after satisfaction of the terms and conditions.


22.I understand the whole program and checked with the government sites too by Google, the consultancy of this company is similar to the government sites, I accept the portal and consultancy by the company and ready to take them.


  1. There is no forceful payment, I do the payment by my choice and ill not urge for refund or money back at any stage throughout the tenure.


  1. If I misbehave with any of the employees or with the owner of the company, I prove to be guilty at that time will apologies and will not take up any judiciary actions towards the company.


  1.  The MOPL has not given any guarantee that success of any specific stage of application process under federal skilled worker program including final visa issuance, or any other program. If in any condition clients leave in mid no refund is applied.


  1.  This case has been accepted by the MOPL based on the information provided by the client prior to signing of this contract of engagement. The point score the client is subject to decision of Canadian Government. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, the MOPL bear no responsibility for the effect of that on the outcome of the Application, or the actions taken by MOPL on clients’ behalf.


  1.  The MOPL have no control over an unfavourable modification to — current or future – selection criteria that occur subsequent to the date of this agreement. Such modification may include but are not limited to a change in pass mark or a retroactive application of new laws etc.


  1.  That any charges / fee to be paid towards assessment of the Clients’ Language skills, academic or professional credentials assessment and payable to the Canadian / professional body will be to Clients’ account and are not refundable or reimbursable under any circumstances.


  1.  Client acknowledges that he/she has read the entire contract and retained a true copy of this “Contract of Engagement” and that he has been advised to obtain independent legal counsel about this Agreement before signing it. Further the client has agreed that this contract of engagement be signed in English Language.


  1.  The client must provide employment reference letters, from employers with clear mention of duties and responsibilities performed by him/her with various employers — for the claimed years of experience. Client has been informed that he can claim points for experience during last 10 years prior to filing of application only for the employment for which he has provided employment reference letter.


  • Should be on letter
  • Should be dated;
  • Should carry full name of the employee (our client)
  • Should carry full name of the signing executive;
  • Should carry designation of the signing executive;
  • Should carry dates of related experience (from when to when);
  • Should confirm that the employee is working full time;
  • Should confirm the designation or designations held by the executive while being in employment of the company;
  • Should confirm the duties and responsibilities performed by the employee (our client);
  • Should carry the contact details (phone number and email ID of the signing executive).


  1. The client must provide police clearance certificate(s) for self, spouse and children above 18 years for all countries where he/she has stayed for more than 6 months.


  1.  The MOPL is not promised to help / assist in any of the following directly or indirectly.


  • Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate. (from all countries lived more than 181 days)


  • In passport work, of any nature.


  • Any documents / evidence, pertaining to their case and as maybe demanded by the Visa Officer.


  • Proof of settlement funds in support of the application for self and immediate family including spouse and children.
  • In paying the federal l Processing Fee / Right of Landing Fee / Medical Expenses or any other fee expense required to be incurred as part of the Immigration Process. Professional fee does not include any of these expenses and such expenses are to be exclusively borne by the Client.
  • In undergoing various language proficiency tests or meeting the requirement of various Language/academic/

profession an assessment body.


  1.  Postage, courier (Domestic / International) and communications: Where the client requests the MOPL to provide related services, then he must reimburse the MOPL tactual and in cash or by Credit card. This payment must be deposited in advance with the MOPL. Examples of such costs include couriers sent to WES or similar accredited agency for ECA or dispatch of file to CIO, Nova Scotia or subsequently any updating with CHC, New Delhi or where the file is returned by CIO office in Canada / India, the clients wishes to get, for his purpose, the file or any documents or enclosures back to India.
  2. Notary services: The client must ensure to provide all duly notarized copies of all documents to MOPL offices as part of meeting documentation requirements. There may be instances where the client requests for such services from MOPL. In that case, the client must reimburse – to MOPL – related costs at actual plus an amount of Rupees 1000 per 60 minutes for MOPL staff time spent for the purpose


  1.  Xerox costs: The client must get 2 sets of copies of all documents related to his file in duplicate – one notarized and another set which need not be notarized. While the client will submit notarized copy of documents with the offices of MOPL, the client will retain the other set for the purposes of his personal records. Where the client takes Xerox services at offices of MOPL, he/she will reimburse at the cost of 1/-Rupees /copy.


36. The MOPL shall never be responsible for payment/refund/reimbursement of any expenses / costs in cured by the client, including those incurred on


Processing fee / application fee/ Right of landing fee paid to the High Commission for self, spouse and dependents that form part of the Immigration application.

Any fee paid to appear in language proficiency training or tests or for skills/academic credentials assessment.


any expenses incurred towards meeting various documentation formalities including passport, police clearance certificate, marriage registration or any other document.


Any expense incurred towards assessment fee paid to any educational qualifications / professional body.


Any expenses incurred on conveyance / transport towards visiting MOPL office or the Visa office or visiting the interview venue or carrying out of an exploratory visit to the destined country.


Any other expense / cost outside the scope of the fee paid to the MOPL Any courier/postage/notary/copying charges.

Any service tax due on fee paid to the MOPL


  1.  Meharban overseas visitors and clients who are taking on-line payment facility, offered by the company, may kindly note that the company or client is required to share customer billing details like name, phone, address etc. with the bank. It can happen that the bank can use these details for their research or marketing purposes. Clients or having an objection to such an action from the bank, forms of payment such as cheque or bank transfer or use credit card machines installed at our offices.


The part is here to expressly agree that this agreement be written in the English language


I that I have chosen sensibly to Meharban Overseas/International to help in filings in Canadian Pool.



it is fully the right of the consultant to alter or amend the allocated process, if required.

Though the consultant is fully dedicated to service the files of every customer—with highest possible degree of efficiency, and in the shortest possible time—it should be borne in mind that the servicing the scope of services mandated by this agreement require several steps of corroboration & cross corroborations of information and certificates/paper so offered by the customer.

Apart from this, the processing of file at the consultant office would begin from the date when the customer has offer each and every certificate/paper according to the checklist provided by the consultant. Even within the firm, several stages are there, and the petition goes through them. Besides, there is also time involved in the progress of a given file from one bureau to a new one, and also from India to the global destination.

In case the client has some apprehensions involving processing hold-ups, or shortage or deficiency of service of his application by the consultant or employees, it would be better if he is given an advice prior to the on-line submission of documents or otherwise their dispatch to relevant agencies. No sub sequent grievances/objections whatsoever – as regards any claimed processing hold-ups or deficiency of service at the consultant –will be accepted following the presentation of the on-line filing of the client’s application or dispatch of documents to relevant agencies or after the receipt of decision on his application in any format.

The consultant is just an advisory service-providing consultancy even as it is strictly not legally responsible or accountable for the provision of any certificate/paper, arrangement of funds, or is not any

The client MUST search for completely separate or independent professional guidance/opinion, particularly on the matters involving foreign exchange payments.


Workers at Consultancy

The personnel working with the consultant are strictly barred from charging the applicant any charges Whatsoever, except the one set down by the firm, and it ought to be further maintained by an acceptance by the firm.

The consultant is, in no way whatsoever, accountable for any wrong or false claim made by any worker as regards a job, or for that matter, ANY other issue, for an extra charge or otherwise. For the consultant, only certificate/paper at forms the ground of engagement between the customer& the firm is this contract of engagement, and evaluate it carefully prior to signing and seek answers to any question that strikes your mind. In case you have any uncertainties or reservations on any guarantee or pledge or comments being made by any consultant worker, feel free to make clear the same by sending us mail at

[email protected] and the issue shall be exam in that once.



Against the backdrop of the fact that cases can be different significantly from one client to another, any guidance or comments are 100% personal and meant just for the advised customers & should not be considered applicable to the specific situations of any third party.

Post filing of application in any format, the processing is done by agencies as per merit of each application. Clients understand and will not demand action of his application against mentions found on various blogs and speculations available on the net. Consultant is with in his right not to respond to any such query from the client at any stage.

The professional consulting services given by your consultant are communicated on the faith that these show present rules & laws, policies and directives and are subject to change without notice.

Customer fully concurs and under stands that the consultant process team will not start working on his documents unless a signed Hard Copy of this contract of engagement has been delivered to Consultant.

In situations of the client being unable to furnish the necessary additional certificates/papers, and airs his desire to stop the procedure; the same will be treated as withdrawal from the procedure of following this immigration petition for personal reasons.



The customer fully concurs and under stands that every certificate/paper furnished to the consultant for the professional consulting services are all reproductions of the originals, which are with him. He has to furnish the notarized reproductions of the originals, which he can offer for the object of corroboration, in case required. The consultant never collects any original certificates/papers, barring those specified as compulsory for your career abroad.

The customer clearly under stands and concurs that the consultant is not to be blamed for the authenticity of the certificates or papers–education, job or any other—furnished by him. In the backdrop of the fact that the consultant does not carry-out any checks of verification of the genuineness, or otherwise, of the certificates/papers, it is hence not to be blamed for the legitimacy, or otherwise, of these proffered by the customer.




After signing of this Contract of Engagement, circumstances may arise, thereby leading to a request for refund of the fee, paid to the company. Depending on various scenarios, the following conditions will apply to a client request for refund of his / her consultant. Once your work is start and you have a company signed agreement no consultant fee will be refunded at any condition or changes.

(a) NO refund is due from Instalment one paid as retainer under any circumstances.

(b) Where the client has become eligible to file his application under Federal Skilled Worker Program in the express entry pool and after the application has been logged into the express entry pool, no refund is due at a later stage if the clients’ application is not picked up from the express entry pool and does not get an invite to file an application for permanent residence visa under federal skilled worker program of CIC.

(c) NO refund is due once the complete file, post invite from CIC, has been dispatched to CIO Nova Scotia, irrespective of the subsequent decision on the filed application except circumstances described elsewhere in the agreement.

(d) After signing of contract, where the client application has still not been filed or has been filed but cannot be processed or is refused on account of following, no refund will be applicable under any of the following circumstances:

  • Where the client (and if married spouse as well) does not apply for, at his costs, and provides the ECA report within 60 days of signing of the agreement.
  • The client and (and if married spouse as well) does not undergo IELTS test and gets the desired band which will make

place in the merit in express entry pool, within 3 months of signing this agreement;

  • The Client decides not to proceed ahead with filing of the application — at any of the application process stages, after signing this contract, for any reason whatsoever;
  • The client does not follow various duties and terms and conditions and requirements enumerated in this agreement;
  • The Client does not undergo the medical formalities as required by the Visa Office;
  • The Client does not attend the interview at the Visa Office, if and when scheduled.
  • Where Client attends the visa interview without informing the MOPL.
  • Where the Client attends the interview as mentioned above and his case is refused.
  • After filing, the Client decides to withdraw his / her application because of longer processing delays at the High Commission. The Client has been informed that the processing delays of an Immigration application are not within the control and discretion of the MOPL and are determined by the Canadian Government and External factors, over which the MOPL has no control.
  • Where after the signing of this Contract of Engagement, the clients’ case is not qualified –whether filed or not – due to changed pass mark / changes in the Immigration Act and Regulations or due to any change in the application Procedures or regulations announced by the federal Government agencies


(e) NO refund is due under ANY of the following circumstances, where the clients’ case is formally refused by

immigration office, for following reasons:

  • Security or medical in admissibility: This may relate to the client or any of the dependents/Co-clients;
  • Fraudulent documentation, false/fabricated certificates–experience or educational as also in case of wrong information/ misrepresentation off acts/information in the application;
  • Information with held by the client, as maybe relevant to his / her application, during processing or interview

with the visa office (telephonic or otherwise) or MOPL– before or after landing in Canada;

  • Clients’ inability to meet the language proficiency and credential assessment norms;
  • On account of client not meeting the requirements of the NOC description under which the application is filed.


(f) No Registered or in Registered Client will misbehave with staff or owners of company. Misbehaving can lead to stop all Services with non-refundable policy


Under all circumstances, the refund liability of the MOPL will never exceed the amount actually paid to the MOPL as consulting fee and shall be further subjected to various clauses of all annexure that form part of this contract of engagement. Refund liability will never include any government fee or any other expenses incurred by the client towards application processing, Assessment of Academic/professional credentials, Training or language test expenses, translation of documents, passport preparation, any travels etc. Where refund is due to the client–for any reason–what so ever and such a request is accepted by the MOPL, the same will be carried out by the MOPL within 12 months of acceptance of such a request. This time is required to enable the MOPL to explore opportunities to appeal against refusal at various levels or look at possibilities of filing a fresh application under fresh quota or look at alternate immigration options.

L&T Program referred


Patience is must in immigration. It is not in the hand of Consultant, it’s in the hands of CIC.


Please allow MOPL to record your call for quality purpose.

We are ONLY Accepting Online Applications. Applications Older than 1 year are required to be reinstated with Mutual Consent.