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Ten always-in-demand skills to take your career forward

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Ten always-in-demand skills to take your career forward

Today’s global workplace is constantly evolving, constantly in a state of flux. In the 21st century, employers are looking for professionals who are more aware, can analyze an issue from every angle and make smart decisions.

Especially with the effects of the pandemic, businesses in every industry are looking for key players. Individuals with a positive attitude who can also bring in fresh ideas and practices.

This means, the skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce will differ substantially from those of even a year back. As a job candidate, you are expected to bring a diverse range of  transferable skills to have an edge in a competitive market.

Check out 10 skills that candidates need to be aware of that employers are paying close attention to while hiring new candidates.


In the professional environment, creativity means the ability to come up with fresh innovative ways to solve existing problems. Beyond this, it’s also the ability to see  something that’s missing or can be improved, and being imaginative in creating value for your organization.

With competition among businesses rising, it is becoming imperative for employers to hire individuals with a creative flair to help the organization stay ahead of the curve.

2. Flexibility

Embodying cognitive flexibility increases your success at the workplace. The ability to quickly adapt to new developments also demonstrates an expanded sense of awareness. Your ability to see different points of view with empathy and adapt accordingly is a particularly important skill in today’s professional environment.

3. Problem solving

Problem solving is a universal skill that applies to any industry and every job. You can demonstrate your aptitude for assessing situations and analyzing information. It also helps you showcase a range of other competencies like resilience, imagination and lateral thinking.

4. Critical thinking

In every industry, challenges inevitably arise in the workplace.  Showing that you can think critically, troubleshoot independently and get things done can help you progress faster in your career.

Critical thinkers evaluate information from every angle and know how interpret it in order to reach a solution or conclusion. Their ability to bring a fresh perspective and offer intuitive solutions is highly valued at the workplace.

5. Adaptability

As the world continues to evolve and newer challenges emerge, the need for adaptability has never been greater. Your ability to unlearn and relearn is critical to future success. The more adaptable you are, the more productive you’ll be in the workplace.

You can showcase your ability to be resourceful, display your leadership skills and more. These are all valuable qualities that employers appreciate in the workplace.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand and manage your emotions. A heightened sense of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills characterize emotional intelligence.

It pays to embrace the nuances of human emotion in the workplace. The ability to empathize with others, and communicate effectively to defuse conflict can have pragmatic benefits leading to a happier workplace.

7. Teamwork

Teamwork is important for success in all industries. Building a team is one thing, ensuring teamwork is an altogether different thing. Your ability to work well with the team can produce great results for everyone.

In today’s diverse workplace, it’s natural for employers to assess your ability to collaborate with others and find unique solutions in a supportive environment.

8. Leadership

Over a year after the pandemic, it is your ability to manage the uncertainty more effectively that will establish your leadership.

 Even if you are seeking a non-management position, the ability to motivate your colleagues  to shoot for a common goal, set priorities and adroitly manage resources are skills that are always valued.

9. Decision-making

Your ability to make effective decisions in the workplace can have positive benefits for you  nd the organization as a whole.

This is why strong decision-making is a valuable skill in any workplace. It empowers everyone to make mindful choices, boost employee morale and lead to a favorable outcome.

10. Time management

Managing your projects well and delivering results on time is a highly valuable skill at the workplace. Demonstrating good time management allows you to meet all deadlines, enhance your performance and achieve desired goals effectively.

These 10 skills will never go out of style, with or without the pandemic. Not only will they add value to your professional life, but also help you develop the confidence and ability to succeed in everything you do.

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