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Success in HR Starts with Ashton College’s Diploma Program

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Success in HR Starts with Ashton College’s Diploma Program

The field of Human Resources (HR) is all about people. HR workers are responsible for the well-being of a company’s employees as well as the growth of the company itself. Finding a balance between employee satisfaction and meeting corporate goals can be difficult, but if that sounds like rewarding work to you then you may have just found your new occupation. Ashton College’s Human Resources Management Diploma Program is a ground-breaking program with unique benefits.

The program is offered through Ashton College’s Live Online platform which delivers a live class session in a virtual format. Students love the flexibility, which allows them to maintain a job while getting education. The online platform also facilitates community through virtual classroom tools that always allow for engagement among participants – not just during the scheduled class times. The ability to connect with classmates and instructors is an invaluable part of any education experience and Ashton has successfully implemented that part of the experience in their online curriculums.

Ashton College’s Human Resources Management Diploma Program is accredited by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Canada (CPHR). Graduates from this program can take the required National Knowledge Exam or bypass it completely. Either path enables Ashton graduates to attain CPHR designation, regardless of whether or not they hold a bachelor’s degree. After graduating the HR program, you simply need to accrue a certain number of years of applied HR work experience (three years for students with a bachelor’s degree in any major, 8 years for students without a bachelor’s degree). After working in HR for the prescribed amount of time, Ashton graduates can attain their CPHR designation, which is recognized in all provinces except Ontario.

Ashton College’s human resources online course instructors is made up of industry leaders such as Jabeen Boga, Amr Shokry, and Michelle Gibbons. Boga has received the Human Resources Director’s (HRD) Canada’s Rising Star Award and has been recognized by the Canadian HR Awards for her leadership in Human Resources. Amr Shokry brings over 20 years of global experience to students and Gibbons has over 25 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors. Ashton’s HR faculty teaches the curriculum by drawing on their vast wealth of experience to illustrate how practical learning meshes with real-world applications.

Ashton’s Human Resource Management Diploma Program leads the way in HR education and is available as both a full-time and part-time program. Ashton’s HR program is the most efficient and effective way to get your HR career started. To find out more, visit Ashton College’s website or reach out to a student services representative to learn about the best program options to meet your needs.

If you don’t have the time to commit to a full diploma, or if you’ve already attained your CPHR designation then you’ll want to look into Ashton College’s new Continuing Education courses. These programs are part-time, and online through Ashton’s Live Online platform, which makes them safe and easy to fit into your schedule even if you’re working full-time. The courses are robust and can serve to further enhance your current career or set you on a new path.

People working in HR will benefit immensely from the Human Services Courses Ashton has on offer. The Diversity and Inclusion Training Certificate program is  an excellent way to build on your existing knowledge and keep ahead of the trends of the modern workplace. Other courses offered in Human Services include: Autism and ABA Therapy training, Dyslexia and the Orton Gillingham training Approach, Gerontology Course, Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation and Advanced Therapeutic Recreation training course.

Several of Ashton’s Technology Courses are certified and recognized by some of the largest tech companies. Students can pursue Cloud Computing courses, Machine Learning Course, Robotics course, Basic and Advanced Microsoft Azure Certification, Basic and Advanced AWS Certification, and more. The classes are perfect for professionals looking to round out their skill set as well as IT workers looking to further their specialization.

Ashton College also offers Red Seal Exam Prep Courses for the following trades: Industrial Electrician, Plumber, Automotive Service technician, Carpenter, Construction Electrician, Heavy Equipment Operator, Cook/chef, Steamfitter/Pipefitter and red seal welder.

Whether you’re looking to complete a diploma program or further your knowledge with Continuing Education, Ashton College has a course that meets your education needs.

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