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Springing into action: Making the most of the warmer weather

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Springing into action: Making the most of the warmer weather

Spring always brings with it a sense of optimism and anticipation and this year, with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, we have even more to look forward to! A few of our longtime contributors share how they plan to make the most of this lovely season.

Spring never fails to lift my spirits. The first signs of flowers, green leaves and cherry blossom on the trees, longer and brighter days, the promise of warm sunshine ahead.

Spring is the time when I start planning which vegetables I’m going to grow, and I’ll start

filling up a sunny windowsill with seed trays. Seeing the fresh new shoots emerge from the garlic bulbs I planted the previous Fall fills me with optimism and confidence, that I can create new life in the garden, to nourish my body and my mind.

Hazel Morley in her garden in Squamish, BC

The Canadian landscape is incredibly versatile, but spring makes it absolutely spell-binding.

Do you know that you can view cherry blossoms in Vancouver or even at High Park in Toronto? If the weather is good, you can hit the lakes in many parts of Canada. My favourite spot is to hit the Bruce Peninsula Grotto. With its pristine blue water pool and background of gray rock formations, it is a startling sight to behold.

Last but not the least, you could hike or take a nature walk in Hamilton, the city of waterfalls and verdant woodlands.

Murali Murthy at the Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park

I love that Ontario has four distinct seasons, and as someone who’s not really a fan of winter, I just feel that the transition into spring is the best. Goodbye, cold gloomy days. Hello, warm sunny weather. As the snow starts to melt, I can’t wait to start longboard dancing.

I’m also very hopeful that things will be able to safely open up again. Like everyone, I hope I’ll be able to see friends and family in person soon, but if restrictions are still in effect, at least spring is a great time to go for physically distanced walks.

 Kaitlin Jingco on her longboard in Courtice, Ontario

To avoid boredom during Toronto’s stay-at-home order, I decided to learn to play the guitar and to try out new recipes. I look forward to taking my guitar outside on warmer days and to the online Thai cooking class I’m planning to take in May.

As the days get longer and the temperature milder, I hope to be able to ditch the winter coat, go for long walks with my dog, and take in all the sights and sounds of spring.

Geneviève Beaupré with her dog Daisy in the Kawartha Lakes, Central Ontario

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