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Sponsor your Parents & Grandparents : Checking Your Eligibility

Sponsor your Parents & Grandparents : Checking Your Eligibility

Checking Your Eligibility

If you are a resident of Canada and you wish to sponsor your parents and grandparents, you have to tender an “interest to sponsor form.” The sponsor should have certain eligibilities while sponsoring the parents & grandparents.

  1. The sponsor should be 18 years by age and should reside in Canada. The sponsor needs to be either a Citizen of Canada or Canada’s Permanent Resident or a registered person of Canada.
  2. The person must have sufficient amount income to bear the expenses of whom she/he is going to sponsor.
  3. You, as a sponsor, will have to agree to an undertaking. The undertaking provisions that; you must look after your sponsored persons for at least 20 years with financial backing. During these 20 years if the Canadian Government pays any assistance to your sponsored family, you will be the one to pay it back.
  4. The sponsor and the sponsored both need to give consent on the Sponsorship Agreement. This agreement puts forward that, the sponsor will see that the parents & grandparents are provided their basic requirements. It also says that the sponsored persons would their own responsibility, in due course of time. 5
  5. The parents & grandparents who are going to be sponsored must also meet the eligibility criteria. And to do so they must exhibit some information like Health Certificates, Police Clarification, and relevant IDs.  

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