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Processing Time for All Types of Canada Visa from India

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Processing Time for All Types of Canada Visa from India

A probable immigrant to Canada is always bothered by the question that how long it is going to take for the immigration process to complete. An immigrant must bear in mind that the time taken to process the applications varies as per the location or country.

It depends on where the application has been submitted and on what purpose the applicant is migrating. There are few countries that permit a citizen to travel or visit another country, even not having a visa. Apart from those exceptions obtaining a visa is compulsory to travel to most countries.

The type of visa one needs to acquire is determined by the purpose of the visit, the duration of stay and the kind of activities to be undertaken. So, those who are out for a vacation to a different country needs the ‘tourist visa’ whereas travelers who pass through another country while going to the destination country will need the ‘transit visas.’    

All the information one requires to know regarding the time taken to process the immigration are discussed specifically.

Canada Student Visa Processing Time:

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to process the applications of visa for students. But, it is just the approximate time not that it is assured. To know more about the Canada student visa processing time from India, a student needs to go through the website of Canadian consulate.

A student has to submit the completed application and pay all the relevant charges. Upon then a receipt is provided, as a proof, which carries a certain tracking number.

This number helps to track the stages of application. The student will receive a notification when the application is approved.

The Canadian administration then asks the student to submit the passport. In order to receive the Temporary Resident Visa and a Letter of Introduction quickly, the student must submit her/his passport as soon as possible.   

Besides all of these, a student also must know that the Study Permit would be handed over once she/he lands at Canada.
To receive this document from the Immigration Officer, the student would need to show the relevant documents and the Letter of Introduction. After some initial verification, the Study Permit is given to the concerned student. Canada Student Visa Requirements for Study in Canada.

Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time India:

A Visitor Visa is issued when someone wants to visit Canada to meet their kith and kin, friends. It is also meant for people who want to go to Canada for business purpose or even medical checkup.

Though this visa has a lengthier period of approval yet it can be renewed after six months. If an applicant provides all the required documents along with with the biometrics the Canada visitor visa processing time India is of 12 days. Otherwise, the processing time doesn’t comprise of the time required to provide the biometrics.
It also doesn’t take into account the reaching of the application to Immigration Office from the VAC (Visa Application Center).   

Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time:

Two important factors that matter a lot in the issuing of a tourist visa is the purpose of visit and period of visit. In both cases the time to process the visas would be different.
The time of processing also varies with every different profile. A tourist visa for someone who is visiting Canada for business purpose is processed within a week or so. Similarly, Canada tourist visa processing time from India requires about a month.

The conditions may be when someone wants to pay a visit to the family or friends or simply as a tourist. It is worth mentioning here that the time to process a tourist visa doesn’t comprise the submission of application, arrangement of documents, dispatching of the completed visas or permits and even the receiving of Invitation to Apply.  Documents required for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time:

A spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada can migrate to Canada under the program of Family Sponsorship. This program allows probable individuals to reside in Canada with their spouse.

From India, the Canada spouse visa processing time is about 12 months. Unlike the other Visas, the processing time for this Visa includes the time required for providing the biometrics and the time for assessing the sponsor and the to be sponsored person.
The processing time also includes the time required to ensure that the spouse meets the necessary criteria.

Canada Business Visa Processing Time:

The Business Visa for Canada is a Temporary Resident Visa which has a validity of six months. The Canada business visa processing time is of 1-6 weeks when applied from India.

It permits applicants to stay in Canada for conducting business with any of the companies of Canada. The Business Visa allows an applicant to engage in various business activities like taking part in workshops or conferences, to be present at meetings, signing business contracts and others. Moreover, the applicant’s stay will be as long as she/he has declared in the application.

Canada Work Visa Processing Time:

It is up to the immigration authorities to process the visa applications and make the penultimate decision.  These authorities are entitled to decide if the applicant is appropriate to be issued the Canadian Work Visa.

Canada work visa processing time from India is usually 7 weeks. But, the visa processing time varies somewhere from 3 weeks to 27 weeks depending on the applicant’s country, other than India.

This time is estimated without taking into account the time taken to dispatch the visa application from a VAC to the Immigration Office and the time for providing the biometrics.

But, if an immigrant applies for the very first work permit it takes around 16 weeks to process the visa. And, if it is done online the processing time is 14 weeks. Providing the biometrics of the applicant, on both the circumstances is essential and is not counted in the processing time.    

Factors Influencing Canada Visa Processing Time:–

The time taken to process the applications of Visa by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is influenced by some factors.

  1. The Residing Country – The Canada student visa processing time or Canada tourist visa processing time both are influenced by the country an applicant resides. Prior to 2015, December, the processing time for different sorts of Visa were different and according to the location of the Visa office.
  2. Earlier all sorts of Visas were processed in such an office which was most close to the location of the applicant. Nowadays, the applications are processed at that office which best suits to do so in an efficient way.  
  3. The Kind of Application – There are different types of Visas & Permits, like those discussed above so the processing times are also different. The kind of application as well as its quantity both influences the time of processing. It is usual that a certain program of immigration gets lots of applications than anticipated. That is why the Canada work visa processing time or the Canada spouse visa processing time often takes a lengthier period.
  4. The Uncompleted Applications – The IRCC might refuse or decline an application if it is not properly done. Most of the times such inaccuracy leads to a considerable setback in processing the applications. The IRCC either sends back such incomplete applications or might ask for additional information.  

To Sum Up With

The applicants for Visa to Canada must take note of the standard time taken to process the applications. To understand the processing time for all types of Canada Visa from India you should get in touch with Meharban International.

Your worries related to ‘how long it will take’ will be lessened once you receive their support. They will guide you on getting the Visa, that too within the stipulated time. MOPL’s has been maintaining a commendable relationship with its clients for about two decades. 

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