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Nova Scotia occupation list

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Nova Scotia occupation list


Nova Scotia is a province in Canada which provides a fantastic and incredible quality of life to its citizens.

Nova Scotia is located in easternmost Canada and it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, lush green forests, sunny beaches and wild islands, and a lot-lot more.

Nova Scotia is known as Canada’s ocean playground and is well known for its great quality of life, work-life balance and low cost of living not to mention incredible cities and family-friendly environment.

Because of all these benefits and qualities, Nova Scotia attracts skilled immigrants from all over the world to come and work here and also make this beautiful place their home.


The Nova Scotia PNP or provincial nominee program is aimed at attracting skilled applicants who have the potential and the intention to contribute to the development and growth of Nova Scotia.

Under this program, only those applicants are selected who meet the requisite requirement and meet the need with the right skills to meet the local employment requirement

The multiple pathways have made Nova Scotia very popular with highly qualified individuals all of whom want to make this marvelous place their home.

The PNP program has 2 categories. Category A and Category B.

In the category A the candidate has to have a job offer and an offer letter from an employer in Nova Scotia. This is a challenging category as it is difficult to get full time employment without living and visiting Nova Scotia.

In the category B you do not need a job offer or an offer letter from an employer from the province but you need to demonstrate a valid experience, education and ability to provide his services to one of the requirements in the province.


This is an immigrant friendly program which has multiple pathways through which an individual and come and work in Nova Scotia and completely transform his life.

Nova Scotia PNP is one of the most popular program for obtaining permanent residency in the country Canada. The demands of this Nova Scotia PNP demand list is in line and aligned with the federal governments Nova Scotia demand express entry.

If you are an international student, an international skilled worker or if you desire to work in Nova Scotia then you can go through this point based nomination process.

Nova Scotia Occupation in-Demand List 2019

The occupations listed below are classified with the National Occupation Classification or NOC.

The NOC is the code which helps to determine a candidates skill level created for a skilled or semi-skilled operations.

For applying in demanding occupation a candidate must have a year of experience and the required educational qualification.

This is the list and you can check from the list provided and be sure about your occupation before applying for Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program:

Sr. No.  Occupation List NOC       Skills

1              Financial auditors and accountants           1111       A

2              Other financial officers  1114       A

3              Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations  1123       A

4              Administrative assistants              1241       B

5              Accounting and related clerks    1311       B

6              Civil engineers   2131       A

7              Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses        3012       A

8              Licensed practical nurses              3233       B

9              College and other vocational instructors                4021       A

10           Paralegal and related occupations            4211       B

11           Social and community service workers   4212       B

Please Consult with MeharbanOverseas  Visa Immigration Experts before choosing an occupation to apply in order to confirm the latest Status

Eligibility/Requirements for applying in Nova Scotia demand occupations list 2019

The applicant is required to meet with the minimum eligibility criteria for applying for Nova Scotia.

These are the requirements needed to be fulfilled:

  • A job offer letter from Nova Scotia employer on the full-time base
  • Must be 18-49 years of age.
  • Should attain language ability (IELTS or CLB) minimum score.
  • Possessed 1 year of job experience in desired occupational field.
  • An equivalent qualification diploma/certificate to Canadian education system.
  • You must have a positive intention to live in the province.

Nova Scotia occupation in demand processing time

Employers can meet their human resource requirements with the help of Nova Scotia PNP as it helps them recruit foreign workers and international students.

The processing time for application in one of the many occupations in the Nova Scotia demand list depends on the candidates applying.

If you have a in depth understanding of the overall process and provide all the documents on time then you will have a better chance of getting quicker approval. Usually the process takes from 3 to 6 months.

Who can apply in Nova Scotia PNP in demand occupation list 2019?

Any and every candidate who is able to meet the eligibility criteria his job is mentioned in the above Nova Scotia demand list is eligible and can apply in Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program.

Also Nova Scotia is aligned with the federal governments Express Entry program.

Once you receive a Nomination certificate from the Nova Scotia government you avail 600 points in your Express Entry application.

You can contact a good immigration advisor like Meharban Overseas to get a better understanding of the Nova Scotia PNP program.

These are the Minimum points required to qualify for the Nova Scotia PNP:



Thus if you are looking for a good standard of living and a great work life balance with development and a beautiful nature friendly environment then Nova Scotia is the place you should be in.

You should definitely apply for this Nova Scotia PNP as then you can get a lot of money and life in a place which is pollution free and environment-friendly. Also, the workplaces are employee friendly and there is no stress or pressure. This makes Nova Scotia the IT destination for all highly qualified individuals from around the world.

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