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List of Canada NOC (National Occupation Code) Demand in Canada

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List of Canada NOC (National Occupation Code) Demand in Canada

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) uses the National Occupation Code. It is a code meant for assessing the work experience of every applicant waiting for immigration. Every particular profession or job is assigned a National Occupation Code, which is there in the labor market of Canada. These 4 digit codes are assigned by applying the matrix of NOC. While completing the applications for immigration there are options for work experience which has to be indicated by the NOC. The National Occupation Code should be the most appropriate to fit the applicant’s work experience. It is hence very much essential for an applicant to know well how Canada noc works and which Canada noc list is relevant for immigration.

What is the List of NOC?

The NOC categorizes the professions according to the Skill Types, and Skill Levels. Generally, the Skill Type gets recognized as per the 1st digit of NOC and the 2nd digit signifies the Skill Level. The immigration programs of Canada habitually document the professions as ‘high-skilled or low-skilled.’     

According to the NOC matrix there are 10 Types of Skill prevailing in the industry of professions. The canada noc list of different types of skill are

1 – Professions of Management

2– Professions of Administration, Finance, Business,

3 – Professions related to Natural and Applied Sciences

4– Professions in Health sector

5 – Professions in Government Services, Community Services, Law and Social Services, Educational Services

6 – Professions in Sport, Recreation, Culture, and Art

7 – Professions of Sales and Services

8 – Professions related to Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators

9 – Professions of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and similar production related professions

10– Professions in Manufacturing and other similar services

According to the NOC matrix there are 4 levels of skill. The noc list Canada classifies professions by the quantity and kind of learning and training needed to accomplish these jobs. While categorizing these skills, the complications as well as liabilities are even taken into consideration. The skill levels are as such (along with few examples):

A: Professions eligible after university education – The Doctors, Architects, Dentists etc.

B: Professions eligible after college education or apprenticeship training – Chefs, Plumbers, Electricians etc.  

C: Professions eligible after secondary school and/or occupation-specific training – Long Haul Truck Drivers, Industrial Butchers etc.

D: Professions eligible after on-the-job training – Oil Field Workers, Fruit Pickers, etc.

How to Understand the List NOC Codes?

While filling up the application for immigration it is of great importance to pick the correct noc code Canada. There are chances that the application might be declined or returned back if the National Occupation Code doesn’t matches the work experience mentioned in the application. Other than this, there must be documents to prove that whatever has been mentioned in the application. The professional designation, lead statement, the responsibilities involved, the job obligations etc. of every profession in canada noc list is defined in detail.  

The professional designation is not the criteria to establish the NOC code while immigrating to Canada. However, the work experience exhibited must go with the lead statement and the applicant must have the familiarity of performing most of the listed tasks. As per such decisive factors an immigrant can find quite a few different noc code Canada to opt from. Sometimes, it is also seen that an immigrant’s professional designation comes under different codes. At times the professional designation and NOC code would get match but not the work experience.   

Why to Pick the Correct Code?

The National Occupation Code Matrix helps in knowing which Canada noc code is best suited for an immigrant. The search is to be made using keywords. Double check all the points that have been discussed above. The authorities who will analyze the application do have a profound understanding of NOC matrix. If they establish that the listed profession doesn’t match the chosen Canada noc list, that application might get returned. An applicant must also check out carefully the excluded National Occupation Codes. An immigrant can’t pick the NOC code of a profession which is enlisted under exclusions. If the applicant’s profession matches with many National Occupation Codes then it is to be determined which among them comes close to the experience. Whichever noc Canada is asserted by the applicant it has to be confirmed to be true by furnishing relevant letters from the earlier employers.

If an applicant is familiar with the National Occupation Code the search for a befitting job becomes uncomplicated and quicker. Even the Government jobs are posted according to the noc Canada. Any applicant who knows the noc code Canada can make an easier job search. The applicant can further look for the description of a profession or a job when the employer mentions the National Occupation Code while posting for the job. It can help the applicant to understand all the required particulars related to education or skill. The canada noc list also shows all the professions related and the skills required.

Where the NOC is applied?

The noc code Canada is a method used to determine and categorize the professions or jobs in Canada. This method is one of the most preferred approaches of various immigration programs of Canada. The noc list Canada finds out if the applicant’s experience of work is appropriate as per the guidelines of an immigration program. The NOC code chosen can be verified by an “Employment Reference Letter.” This letter is to be undersigned by the applicant’s last employer, which should include the professional designation, salary, working hours (average), job responsibilities and date of employment.   

Choosing the precise canada noc Code is crucial in taking the procedures of migration ahead. Whatever work experience the applicant possesses, it must be put into the papers. So, it is very important to understand the NOC List that is of so much in demand in Canada.


If an applicant finds it hard to deal with National Occupation Code, they can approach an immigration consultant. The immigration consultant can assist the applicant in tracing the precise National Occupation code. This further allows the applicant to show the work experience in a more improved way before the authorities of immigration and Canadian employers.   

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