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Landing your first job in Canada is also about your approach

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Landing your first job in Canada is also about your approach

Many people ask about how easy or difficult it is to find a job in Canada. Some say that it is easier if you are highly qualified, and others that it is difficult either way. There is no clear-cut answer. But one thing is for sure. It is not just about your education and experience. It is also about “how you approach” the job market.

In October 2019, my wife and I immigrated to Canada as permanent residents and decided to settle down in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), since there are many jobs here in our field – my wife works in finance and I am in finance and accounting.

We had read posts on Facebook groups about finding it hard to land the right job; and hence having to settle for “survival jobs”. We also heard of the job market in the GTA being very competitive and saturated.

I had started applying for jobs in Canada the month before we landed. I had a Canadian virtual number listed on my resume. I used LinkedIn and Workopolis extensively to look for jobs in my field.

With LinkedIn, I would use the “Easy Apply” feature, where, just one click, I could send my resume to the person posting the job. Some jobs with the “Easy Apply” option clearly showed who had posted the job, while some did not. When information about the job poster came up,  I made it a point to reach out separately to them in addition to applying via LinkedIn. Based on my experience, I can say that this will help you stand out, given that only a handful people actually do this.

I got seven phone calls on my Canadian virtual number from seven different companies even before I had landed. Canadian employers called during regular working hours in Canada (late night hours in India) since they did not know I was outside Canada. Given that I was only landing in four weeks’ time, the employers went ahead with other candidates. But I continued applying for jobs.

When we were about twelve days away from landing in Canada, I applied for a job with a company which eventually became my first employer after I landed. About six days after landing I appeared for my first in-person interview for a part-time job in Canada and cracked it. Two days later, I got the offer. Just ten days in Canada and it was my day one with this company. So much better than going for a “survival job” or working in a job in some other field!

About a week into this part-time job, I received a call from an accounting software company where I had applied for a full-time job. A few weeks of silence followed, after which I was offered a fulltime job.

My wife’s job search strategies were similar to mine. She had her first interview scheduled in about a week after we landed and had a job offer before we completed two months in Canada. Just that the company, being a multinational, took its own time to complete the hiring process; so, her wait to begin her job was a little longer than mine.

The bottom line still remains that after landing in Canada both of us aced our first telephone interview and our first in-person interview so that we could find a job in our fields, and without any references.

The job market is certainly saturated and competitive but with the right skills and approach, I believe that you can succeed in finding a job sooner than you would expect.

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