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Is It Worth Migrating To Canada From India?

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Is It Worth Migrating To Canada From India?

Most of the migrants from India do aim to migrate to Canada. To work and reside in Canada is turning out to be an achievement, not only for Indians but also for citizens of other countries. What attracts everyone to Canada is the living standard, excellent life as well as an attractive place. Canada has moderate laws for immigrants so relocating isn’t that complicated. An immigrant can become a permanent citizen of Canada if she/he stays there for a certain period time.

People have been moving to Canada for quite a long time but the processing time to Canada immigrating to Canada is laid down by the Canadian government. The laws related to immigration have changed a lot with time.  The Immigration Act of Canada 1976 and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada from 2002 are two such remarkable changes.

The Govt. of Canada allows a huge number of immigrants, from all around the world, to settle down legally in Canada. These immigrants are broadly categorized in three classes i.e. Family class (comprises relatives of already settled in Canada), Independent immigrants (comprises individuals who migrate as per skill, experience), and Refugees.

It is very important for an immigrant to have proper knowledge of the Canadian policies of immigration. If you want to migrate to Canada in an easier approach it is best to take the helping hand of an expert Immigration Guide. This is a way to make sure that your application doesn’t get declined.

How to Apply for Canada Immigration from India?

There are three most common and effective methods to apply for Canada immigration from India. These methods are Express Entry Program, Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Among these three methods, the Express Entry Program is the quickest and appropriate federal method of selection. This program was initiated in the year 2015, January, as a program to fulfill the requirements of employees and boost employment. Express Entry Program deals with applications for Canada immigration through various economic migration programs. There are three basic economic programs, namely – Federal skilled worker, Federal Skilled Trades & Canadian Experience Class.

This immigration program permits the Canadian territories & provinces to make the most of this program to call out more skilled and experienced professionals from other countries.

Requirements for Applying of Canada Immigration

The most significant obligation for migrating to Canada is to be eligible for the criteria laid down. Having met the criteria an individual can legally migrate to Canada. The eligibility criteria for the programs of Express Entry and Provincial Nominee are quite diverse. However, for both the programs the customary rules are similar. The decisive factor that entitles an applicant for immigration is the assessment of points as per the personal information provided. The main requirements for applying of Canada immigration are also assessed for points according to the following basis:-

  1. Age – Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points are awarded to the applicants as per their age. Though there are no precincts for age to migrate but the applicant between 18-35 years get more points.
  2. Education – The better educated an applicant is, the more CRS points she/he is going to receive. 
  3. Experience – A skilled worker or an experienced worker gets more preference. The minimum requirement of work experience is one year of continuous employment, that too in full time. If an applicant possesses something more than that she/he will certainly score more CRS points.    
  4. Language Aptitude – If an applicant has a high score in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams it can be very handy in earning CRS points. So, it is quite useful if an applicant goes through the IELTS before applying for immigration. Moreover, knowing the French language also can provide some more CRS points.
  5. Adaptability – If the applicant has someone residing in Canada, either spouse or other relative, can also gain some additional CRS points.      

Summary of maximum points per factor for Express Entry candidates(1)

Police Clearance Certificate for Canada Immigration from India

Any migrant who receives the ‘invitation to apply’ (ITA) for immigrating to Canada needs to provide police clearance certificate. It is one such document which makes the submission of application complete. This certificate is evidence that the applicant isn’t involved in any unlawful activity. It is proof that the applicant doesn’t have any sort of illegal record which could otherwise deter her/his admissibility to Canada.

The police clearance certificate for Canada immigration from India as a document is very much crucial for the purpose of immigrating to Canada. This document remains valid until one year from its date of issuance. After the submission of application for Canada immigration, the applicant needs to apply for the police clearance certificate. The applicant would have to apply for it from the country where she/he has been currently residing.

How to Migrate To Canada from India?

An interested person who wishes to immigrate to Canada must go through an inventory of essential ‘what to do.’

  1. Checking the Eligibility Criteria
  2. Go through Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Tests and IELTS 
  3. Creation of Online Profile for Express Entry
  4. Proper Arrangements of Documents (for ITA)
  5. Submission of Visa Application in 2 months after receiving ITA
  6. Submission of Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Reports

To define bit elaborately how to migrate to Canada from India there are many diverse ways to immigrate to Canada. An individual can obtain a Canadian Study Permit if she/he wants to complete some course from Govt. recognized institution. A Study Permit does not allow the permit holder to reside in Canada for longer than the duration of the course. But, an immigrant can choose Canadian Experience Class program to acquire the required skills. This can further help in getting a job and reside in Canada.

In this regard, a work permit is to be obtained or even opt for permanent residency. Anyone good at entrepreneurship can apply to migrate to Canada. Canada offers a better prospect to those who are well-experienced in business or business owners who would ascertain that they would generate employment opportunities.   

Canada Immigration from India Cost

Sometimes, the applicants of immigration become quite a bit confused to figure out the expenses involved in immigrating to Canada. The money to be spent for migrating to Canada from India includes Canada PR Fees, Right of PR Fee, IELTS Exam Fees, and Medical Test, etc. Summing up all of these we can conclude that Canada immigration from India cost is around 72,000 INR. Above this, if we add the fees for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) through World Education Services (WES) which is for about 21,000 INR, the total amount comes to 93, 000 INR.   

To migrate to Canada from India an applicant has to show evidence of ‘proof of funds.’ This has to be done so that the Canadian immigration administrators remain convinced that while the migrant stays at Canada she/he can look after themselves well. Proof of funds is the bank account of the applicant having a satisfactory amount, as preferred by the authorities of immigration.

To Sum Up

If you are really contemplating upon the idea to migrate to Canada, your ideal immigration guide is to be Meharban International or Meharban Overseas Pvt. Ltd. (MOPL). It is an immigration consultancy of excellent reputation. Meharban International has been providing its services efficiently that too for a reasonable price and thus it has garnered good amount of laurels in this field. They are adept of providing immaculate solutions for their clients, in the finest professional way.    

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