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Immigrate to Canada with Express Entry Eligibility

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Immigrate to Canada with Express Entry Eligibility

The country Canada is a part of North America, which is situated towards the northern part. Canada comprises of 10 provinces along with 3 territories. It is the second biggest country in the world, area wise. It spans across 3.85 million sq. miles. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are the three major metropolitan cities.

The population of Canada is very sparse. But, 80% of the Canadian population is concentrated in either the large cities or in the cities of medium-sized. Canada is inhabited by the diverse range of indigenous inhabitants and the majority of them have been living there even before the European colonization happened.

The cities of Canada have developed to be prominent metropolitans. As a developed country, Canada’s per capita income is counted as 15th in the world. It is ranked 10th as per the Index of Human Development, globally. Therefore money-making prospects are quite high in this country.

Individuals from numerous countries are earning their livelihood in this country, which has been providing good enough opportunities for proficient and gifted individuals. With many prospects to take on, people are attracted to Canada in a massive way. When an individual wants to live in Canada or work on a permanent basis, Canada Express Entry can be of best help.

What is Express Entry?

The Government of Canada in order to provide Permanent Citizenship oversees the applications through some definite economic immigration programs and this structure is defined as Express Entry. This method is applied to administer the applications of workers either skilled or qualified. Thus it makes possible to immigrate human resources to Canada, economically who can accomplish something.

Express Entry


The Canada Express Entry system efficiently processes about 80% of the request forms that too within 6 months. When an applicant receives positive outcome on the application, the Canadian Government grants the applicant, along with the family (if any) the status of Permanent Resident.

History when Express Entry Get In Action?

The program of Express Entry was put into action in the year 2015, January. This program administers the request forms or applications for immigration. There are few immigrant programs for enhancing the economy of Canada. These comprise Federal Skilled Trades, Federal Skilled Worker, and Canadian Experience Class.

Individuals who want to immigrate to Canada to earn a livelihood and stay there has to create a profile of Express Entry. Those who can fulfill the norms in any of the three programs can put forward their application to apply for the Canadian residency. When a candidate is included in the Express Entry program, she or he is given scores as per the criteria laid down.

The points given by the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) will decide the candidate’s position among all others. The candidate scoring the highest is then asked to apply for immigration, who can gradually become permanent residents of Canada.

The Selection Process in Express Entry

After the successful creation of the profile for Canada Express Entry, the candidate is acknowledged in this program. The profile of the prospective immigrant’s along with all other applicants is put forward before the PNPs (provincial nominee programs) and the probable employers. They then evaluate all the candidature.

Step by step process for canada express entry


When an employer or someone from PNP selects an applicant, the applicant is awarded 600 points (CRS) for the superior nomination. And if the applicant qualifies for a job offer she or he is awarded 200 CRS points. Then comes the official Express Entry draw, which gives the best candidates ITA (Invitation to Apply) for being a permanent resident at Canada.

The Canadian immigration system has laid down certain immigration programs. An individual must very well understand and come in terms with those requirements before applying for Express Entry. To know all the information in details about Express Entry immigration one can visit any of the relevant sites over the Internet.

Factor Influencing Express Entry Program

The main element that influences the Express Entry program is the “demand of labor in the market.” The Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA also can assess an application and award them points accordingly. This facilitates a candidate to gain her/his ranking and become eligible for Invitation to Apply. This further implies that if there is any deficiency of Human Resources in Canada it can be addressed quickly. This process can be exceptionally advantageous to the economy of Canada.

Most of the applications of Express Entry are dispensed just inside six months of submission. Thus it is clear that numerous applicants of Express Entry might be signing up new jobs and begins adding something towards the economy of Canada. All these can occur within the extremely little gap of time.

The Canadian Federal Government had declared a refreshed plan for 2018 Canadian immigration levels. During 2018, the Government had planned to allow about 3 Lakhs of permanent residents into Canadian. The bulk of such residents were to be chosen out of the economic immigration programs. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada is to allow Canada Express Entry candidates and the members of their family to immigrate to Canada. Only the provision is that the candidates should be enlisted in the immigration programs of economic class. These immigration programs are the various Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs, Canada Express Entry, and Quebec Skilled Worker.

There isn’t any predefined limit as to how many potential immigrants can put forward applications for Express Entry Canada. Thus, individuals having various capabilities, knowledge, familiarity, and qualification can fill the scarcity in the Canadian labor market. It further implies that the competition to clear the Express Entry Program will be having more quantity of applicants. This will be helpful in a way to pick candidates with superior skills and professionalism.

So, if you have been contemplating pursuing a worthy career in Canada this is the right time to apply for your Express Entry Program. The best approach to shift to Canada and become a permanent resident is to apply for the Express Entry. This program of managing immigration is carried out exclusively online. That is the reason why the process of immigrating to Canada is exceptionally competent for eligible candidates anywhere from the world.

Canada Immigratin Faqs

1. What is Expression of the Internet(EOI) and Express Entry Canada?

  • EOI is Expression of interest for immigration in.
  • Express Entry-Faster Canada EOI Program.

2. How Will the do program work for express entry canada?

  •  Filling online application with skills & qualifications for express entry Canada.
  •  Registration in Canada job Bank in case of no job offer.
  •   Meet the criteria under the federal economic programs.
  •  Placement into the Express Entry canada pool.
  •  Apply within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

3. What are the Federal economic programs?

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trades Program
  • Canada Experience class
  • A portion of provincial Nominee program

4. Who can Apply express entry Canada?

  • Anyone whose occupation is part of the O, A, B Occupation list of Express Entry Canada.

5. What are the Benefits of Express Entry Canada?

  •  No caps or deadlines
  •  High rankers will be chosen from the pool.
  •  More opportunities for skilled immigration.
  •  Processing time reduced to six months or less

6. How to prepare for Express Entry Canada?

  •  IELTS is required however with a job offer from Canada the required score can be lesser
  • Updating resume and obtaining relevant references
  •  Getting credential assessed

7. Getting excited about Express Entry canada!

  • With its launching on 1 January 2015, the Express Entry Canada is a welcome break for skilled workers world wild.

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