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How to Apply Student Visa in Canada

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How to Apply Student Visa in Canada

Studying abroad is a common routine. It makes the student broaden their mind to a new world, raise it to a new level.

A student not only gets one experience for a lifetime but also receives opportunities to expand the career after earning a degree recognized internationally.

When a student pursues education abroad she/he gets familiar to a learning approach acclaimed internationally.

Most of the times it opens the door of career scope at quite an early stage. This further develops the technical skills of a student which counts as a plus-point when gets reflected in the CV.

How Students Apply for Canadian Visa?

If you want to go to Canada to obtain any educational degree you need to apply for the study permit.

You need to understand the eligibility criteria before you apply for Visa of Canada.

You have to submit the application form giving out all the required information.

The application must be completed properly otherwise it can get delayed in processing. 

Usually, the student visa must be applied before reaching Canada. This visa can also be applied while you are in Canada.

There is even an option of applying for the same at the POE (Port of Entry) when you reach Canada.

But, you need to know well which option is best suited for you before applying a study permit for Canada.

In this article we are going to discuss on the basic points of How to Apply for a study permit within Canada. But, first we need to take a look at Eligibility Criteria.

If you are in Canada, you are entitled to submit an application for student visa, if

  1. You are reading in a primary school or secondary school under the age of 18 or 19 (as per different province),
  2. You are a student of any education exchange program or student who is on a visit to Canada,
  3. You have finished any curriculum or course over a short period, which meets the provision of being taken by any of the Designated Learning Institution,
  4. You or any one of your family member possess the Temporary Resident Permit or the TRP, having a validity of minimum six months,
  5. You are a wife or husband or a member of the family who has immigrated on sponsorship, to Canada,
  6. You are eligible for permanent residentship, after having applied for one,
  7. You already have a study permit issued from your visa office, which was handed to you before you reached Canada, (basically any student who wants to pursue her/his education further),

Other than all these factors you can apply for the student visa in Canada

  1. if you are a family member of any athlete of a team of Canada,
  2. if any of your member of the family works as a representative of media,
  3. if you have family members assigned for religious obligations, particularly the Christian Church,   
  4. if you belong to the family of armed forces staff disperse to stay in Canada,

The Documents Required

When none of the criteria matches your eligibility while you are in Canada, you have the option of submitting an application for a student visa outside of Canada.

The point to be noted is no individual can stay in Canada when the passport gets expired.

But, if you renew the passport after reaching Canada you will have to furnish the proof while applying.

You will be required to put forward both the photocopies of passport along with the stamped copy of old passport.

Any individual who wishes to obtain a student visa must be able to furnish three important documents.

The first is the letter of recognition from one of the Designated Learning Institution.

These institutes are recognized by the Govt. of Canada and are enlisted for the applicants’ selection.

Secondly, a Passport or an appropriate travel document with validity. Thirdly, confirmation of funds which means the applicants can support themselves till the completion of the education.

There are few other additional documents required also, to be submitted. As per the guidelines of Canadian Immigration an applicant must have to undertake a mandatory health test.

And the report of which is IME or Immigration Medical Examination. The applicant has to visit one of the Doctors assigned by the Canadian Immigration to carry out such check-ups.

Another report to be submitted is that of Language Proficiency Test. Performing well in this test can be a great boost to get the application processed.

So, going through TOEFL can be very useful. One more document to be attached to the application is the Declaration of Visit.

The student needs to state her/his purpose of visit in a thorough manner.   

The Online Approach of Submission

Nowadays the most prevalent method of applying for any document is the online mode.

It is the best approach to saving time. Besides, you will be receiving all the necessary updates of your application in real-time.

Your online account is a convenient platform to keep track of the updates. The online submission doesn’t comprise of all the anxiety of courier deliveries or any of the courier charges.

The application is delivered straight away to the concerned authorities. Online application doesn’t get delayed for processing.

But, you need to check thoroughly before you submit your application. Though the online approach ensures that you completely fill up the form even then partially filled form would be returned back.

If any need arises to submit relevant documents, submitting them online can be the quickest method.

But, while doing online submission you must have a camera or a scanner. It helps in making photocopies of the documents.

You need to keep your debit or credit card handy to make the payments of fees or other charges.

The Conclusion

Your desire to receive education in Canada calls for the possession of a Student Visa.

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