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Documents Required for Canada Tourist Visa

Documents Required for Canada Tourist Visa

Canada is a beautiful country and every year many thousands of tourists visit Canada from India. Canada also has a significant Indian population and many Indians visit Canada to visit their relatives and friends too.

This country has many beautiful and scenic places and is a tourist’s paradise. Moreover, Canada is a developed country and has all facilities and the visit to Canada is a trip every Indian must take.

Entire families visit Canada for holidays and also to meet their relatives. Canada definitely has a lot to offer for all who visit the country. Thus you should definitely apply for Canada tourist visa from India.

Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa

There are some important documents required for a Canadian Tourist Visa from India which are:

  • Your authentic and original passport with at least two vacant Visa pages. This is very important and compulsory. Any discrepancy in the passport will make it invalid. Also, a fake passport can easily be detected and should absolutely not be used as it can attract penalty and also payroll. Also, 2 empty Visa pages are also critical and if you don’t have vacant pages then you should apply for a new passport.
  • You require 2 passport size photos. The photos should have a white background and also should have no borders. No other color background is permissible and you should be mindful of the white background. Also, the photograph should be recognizable and should be not older than 3 months. The photos should have proper face coverage and should have a matte or semi-matte finish.Also, your name and date of birth should be mentioned behind the photos and the photos should not have been used in previous Visas.
  • You should also have proof of employment from your current employer. This can include a salary slip, an appointment letter or a No objection certificate. All these documents should clearly include the visa applicants all details for the current job.
  • Apart from these you also need to have a bank statement which shows all the transactions carried out by you in the past 6 months which will include property purchases, foreign slips, fd or fixed deposits and occupational viability.
  • Also, you need a cover letter from your employer for your Visa on the letterhead of the employer.
  • You also need completely filled Visa application forms and other Visa documents
  • Day to day tour itinerary in detail
  • Air tickets
  • If the applicant is self-employed then he has to submit Shop act or MOA or Deed
  • Income Tax returns or Form 16 for the last 3 years
  • If it is a student who is applying then his school or college ID is required
  • If the applicant is retired then his retirement proof and pension slips will be required.
  • Also, other financial documents like FD proof, NSC, PPF, Shares, Property papers should be mentioned.
  • The Visa fee is Rupees 10,250/- per person
  • The Visa processing time is around 35 days or more according to the embassy proceeding.


You have a choice of applying for a Canadian travelers visa either through the web or on paper. Applying for your Visa through the web is much easier than applying on paper although certain gadgets are required to apply online. You can choose between the two ways and getting professional help for a Canadian visa is an advanced process

If you apply for your Canadian Visa on paper then surely it is a lengthy process. To start with you will have to present your application for the traveler visa to the fitting Canadian visa office in your area.

Your application will be closely examined by the Visa officer who can also request for a one to one meeting with you. Further in the wake of getting a travel visa, you may also have to meet a POE in Canada by some migration officer.

This is the Canada Visa application process:

  • First of all, you need to download the appropriate form from the website and then you need to checklist the relevant options and state the purpose of your visit in the relevant forms.
  • Next, fill out the entire form and attach all documents
  • After you read the privacy policy you need to fill VFS consent form
  • Next, you need to pay the fee according to the Canadian High Commission office
  • After that, you need to visit the nearest Canadian Visa Application Center or CVAC and submit the application after making the payment of the Visa fee.


  • First of all, you need to have a substantial international ID
  • You should be healthy and not suffer from chronic diseases
  • You should be financially sound and should be able to afford the trip and the living costs in Canada
  • Also, you should have a house outside Canada which will ensure that you have a place to go back to once you return from your Canada visit.
  • Your intention should be to only visit Canada for a restrictive period and not settle there.
  • You must be meaning to leave Canada after you finish your visit.
  • You should have no business interests in Canada and you will not engage in any business transactions while in Canada
  • Also, you should not have any criminal record
  • You should follow all the rules you are expected to follow
  • At times you might also have to undergo medical examination too


You can check the status of your Visa by visiting the nearest visa application center. You will simply have to fill in your date of birth along with your following number and hit submit and it will disclose to what extent your visa has been processed.

Thus by following all the above-mentioned steps you can apply and get a Canadian travel visa and meet your friends and relatives who have settled in Canada. Also, Canada is a great tourist destination and you should definitely visit Canada to enjoy the beautiful country that Canada is. So get your visa ready and visit Canada today.

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