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Canada Student Visa Requirements for Study in Canada

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Canada Student Visa Requirements for Study in Canada

Having a Canada Student Visa means a student, after graduation, can look out for work and prolong the stay as a permanent resident .

Canada is famous for its mountain peaks covered in ice and ice hockey. Besides, that it has been attracting peoples from all over the world for employment and excellent education. The academic standards are quite superior in Canada. The quality of education is controlled very meticulously this leads to the better future of a student. It further helps the career of a student in the times to come. The cost of education in Canada is relatively cheaper than many other countries. A certificate, degree or diploma from any Canadian institute is acknowledged globally. Studying in Canada also boosts chances of earning permanent residency of this country. So, before approaching to Canada for higher studies it will be great if a student possesses a Canada Student Visa.

What is a Student Visa?

A study permit is to be obtained prior to entering Canada to study. While for the period of the stay, as student, the Temporary Resident Visa is also required. But if the student stays in Canada for less than 6 months or up to 6 months then such permit is not necessary. But, it is always sensible to obtain the permit and reach Canada. If a student decides to pursue further education, possessing a study permit becomes crucial then. Otherwise, the student has to head back home and then apply for the study permit, at the concerned office.  

A student must possess a Canada Student Visa which can be renewed in Canada itself. It also allows a student to take part in various activities on the campus or outside the campus. Recognized institution allows their registered students work as an intern or receive similar job experience. Having a Canadian Student Visa means a student, after graduation, can look out for work and prolong the stay as a permanent resident.  

The requirements for Student Visa

  • Fees and Relevant Charges:- The application for Student Visa can be located online as well as offline also. The required fees for processing this application can be paid online or through demand draft if paid offline. While submitting the application, the proof of payment must be provided along with. The demand draft should be in the name of High Commission of Canada. The visa fee doesn’t include any VAC (Visa Application Centers) service charges. VAC service charges are additional as per different region. For each payment made receipts are provided to the applicant, as proof. These receipts are to be kept carefully.
  • Documents:-
  • Valid Passport – A student must possess a Valid Passport to be eligible to submit the application for Study Permit. The passport must be valid till the student’s education is completed.
  • Confirmation of Approval by any Designated Learning Institution – A student must acquire a confirmation letter from the Institute to be attended. The Immigration Department gives recognition to certain selected institution of learning. A student has got to choose from that listed institutes. 
  • Confirmation of Finances – When submitting the application for Study Permit, the student also needs to furnish a proof of capital. According to the ongoing norm a student needs to confirm that she/he has sufficient money to meet the educational expenses. Also that the student can ensure a safe and secured way to live in Canada. The Canadian Immigration has a predefined estimate for every year, till the student stays. Last thing the student would need a confirmation is that she/he has adequate money to return back to home.

Besides these couple of very essential requirements also required are stuffs like

  1. Passport Sized Photos:- For students who place their application online, the digital copy of their passport photo should not exceed 4MB. And those who submit their application offline will have to provide two photographs that go by the guidelines. The photographs need to be latest with the dimensions of 35mm × 45mm. The face in the photograph should not depict any expression and should have clear background. Except for some religious considerations headgears are not acceptable.
  2. IME or Immigration Medical Examination:- Any student who applies for Canada Student Visa has to go through a obligatory health checkup. This is as per the rules of Canadian Immigration. The Immigration authorities have their own enlisted Doctors. The visit to such Doctors should be done more than 7 days earlier to the submission of the application. There might be need of x-rays and other tests which needs time. So, getting all these things done at correct time is very essential. As such the Doctors get ample amount of time to certify the documents and upload them. Making an appointment prior to the visit to any of the enlisted Doctor is always better.
  3. English Language Proficiency Exam:- To validate a student’s admission to any of the Institute in Canadian, one must go through the Exam of English Language Proficiency. The score of this exam might get handy when the process for application gets through. TOEFL is one such example.  
  4. Declaration of Visit:- A student needs to submit a declaration whereupon the purpose of her/his visit to Canada should be clearly stated in a detailed manner. She/he must also provide why the exact institution has been chosen. This document might be considered as an elective document but submission of this document is recommended strongly.   

The processing of visa applications may take 3-4 weeks time. To get familiar with the estimated time for processing of such applications a student can scour through the pages of Canadian consulate website. Anyone must understand that the information publicized isn’t assurance but approximation. When a student pays all the involved charges and submits the finished application, a receipt will be given to them. This receipt bears an exclusive tracking number which helps in tracking the developments of the application. As soon as the application gets granted, the student will obtain notification, asking for her/his passport, from the Canadian Government. The earlier the student submits the passport, the sooner the student will receive a Letter of Introduction and the Temporary Resident Visa.

It is to be noted well that Study Permit will be issued to the student at the Canadian airport, by the Immigration Officer. The student will have to the officer the Letter of Introduction and other specified documents. The Immigration Officer after doing some confirmation will issue the Study Permit.

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