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Canada Immigration Consultants in India

Canada Immigration Consultants in India

There are many Canada immigration consultants in India who promise to help you get a Canadian Visa. Be it for business, study or immigration but they fail to help you get the visa or to deliver on their promises.

Meharban International is the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi and provides flawless help, assistance, and support to make your dream of going to Canada a reality.

Meharban International has the expertise in helping individuals settle in Canada and they leave no stone unturned to help your dream become a reality.

The experts at Meharban will guide you through the entire immigration process and also give you complete and comprehensive information as to how to apply for the visa and the correct documents required for it. This has made Meharban International the best canada immigration consultants in Delhi and the best provider of Canada immigration services Delhi

These are the different types of Canadian Visas and Meharban International guides you to apply for the correct one:

How to determine which Canadian Visa is suitable for me?

This question is one of the most critical questions which need to be answered before going for a Canadian visa. Many aspirants and consultancies fail to answer this question fully when they are applying for a visa or while screening the applicant who has applied for the visa.

Canadian immigration requirements differ on the basis of different immigration programs and visa categories in Canada.


There are 5 types of visas for Canada and they include:

1. Business Visa

2. Working Visa,

3. Working Holiday Visa

4. Tourist Visa,

5. Permanent Residency Visa

Canada provides its citizens with a great quality of life and is considered a safe haven for individuals looking for a good life. Citizens from all across India look forward to settling in Canada because of its great quality of life.

The Federal government has classified Indian immigrants into investors, workers, students, and businessmen. According to the annual number of immigrants settled in Canada, these 3 categories have contributed the most. People also go to Canada under the family relocation plan when they want to settle there.

Also Meharban International gives a detailed insight to students, professionals, and businessmen about the various opportunities available for them in Canada.

These are certain opportunities for students, professionals, and businessmen according to Meharban International which is the best Canada immigration services provider in Delhi


Opportunities in Canada for Indian Students:

Canada is a great place to study and provides world-class education facilities to its students. Canada welcomes international students with open arms and India is the 2nd country which has the maximum number of approval for student visas since 2012.

Recently the government of Canada has put in place relaxation to the student visa and permits for international students.

Canada has 98 universities in all and there are several colleges and institutes within. According to the QS World University ranking 2016-17, 26 Canadian universities are in the top 100 list and this shows that Canada is a great place to study for foreign students.


The Government of Canada has classified the occupations in the nation according to skill levels. For example the National Occupancy Classification of expertise levels which includes Skill 0,A, B and so on. In view of this Canada welcomes skilled international workers through the Federal Skilled Worker express entry program and also by means of other PNP projects in different regions.

Opportunities in Canada for Skilled Workers:

There are lot of good job opportunities for immigrants from India who are willing to live and work in Canada. As there is a lack of skilled workers in Canada the country is still recruiting foreign nationals to fill up its workforce requirements. Individuals with qualifications in IT, healthcare and engineering industry can get jobs very easily and there are many work permits in many fields other than that too.

The NOC or the National Occupational Classification is used by Canada to divide potential workers on the basis of skill level like 0, A, B and so forth. Foreign professionals including Indian professionals are invited to Canada through the FSW or the Federal Skilled Worker express entry program. Also the PNP or the Provincial Nominee Programs are also quite popular amongst Indians who want to work and settle in Canada.

Opportunities in Canada for Businessmen and Investors:

In case you are a businessman or an investor who wants to invest money abroad then Canada is the best place to invest in. As Canada is the 2nd best country in G20 to invest in. The workforce in Canada is highly educated and skilled and thus finding good employees is also not very difficult. Also the tax rate in Canada is the lowest in the G7.

Businessmen have to fulfill some basic requirements before they invest in Canada and get a Canadian business permit. Because of the low tax rate and relaxed investment policies, many foreigners including Indian businessmen are investing in the Canadian economy.

What We Offer –

Meharban International is the best provider for Canadian Visas in Delhi and over the past few years has become one of the best and biggest names in the immigration service provider industry.

Meharban International is committed to providing flawless and transparent services to all their clients and this has made them a name to reckon with in the immigration service provider space.

Not just customer satisfaction but customer delight, this is the vision on which Meharban international works. They make sure that all the technicalities are dealt with and the individual wishing to get a visa gets it without much effort and difficulty. Thus today whenever anyone wants to get a visa processed or wants to immigrate abroad then the first name that comes to their mind in Meharban International in Delhi.

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The team of experts at Meharban make sure that the customer tastes delighted and make even the most difficult and complicated technicality easy to understand for the applicant. This is exactly the reason why Meharban International has made a name for themselves and are the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi.

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