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OINP Entrepreneur Stream

Invest the capital, and own your business in Canada and Lead the citizenship of Canada

Don’t be upset with closing of the Immigrant Investors (IIP) and Entrepreneurs (EN) program, which is a big lose for foreign investors who choose Canada to invest their capital.

Successful applicants will obtain a temporary work permit support letter — based on a performance agreement — to establish the business in Ontario. If the investment and job creation conditions outlined in the performance agreement are adhered to, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to be nominated by the OINP for Canadian permanent resident status.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Entrepreneur Stream operates on an ‘Expression of Interest’ model, whereby eligible participants must be invited to apply before they may submit a complete application.

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Note: Government fee is excluded.

The Entrepreneur Stream is an immigration stream under the OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program). It is a stream for entrepreneurs from outside of Canada keen on beginning another business or purchasing a current business in Ontario. It gives an entrepreneur (and up to one outside national colleague) the chance to be selected for permanent home once their organization has been set up in Ontario. 

The Entrepreneur Stream application is a two-step procedure. 

Step 1: 

Register a declaration of enthusiasm by email and, whenever welcomed, present an online application. At that point, you and your colleague (if material) need to go to an obligatory in-person meet at the OINP office in Toronto. On the off chance that your stage 1 application is fruitful, you should consent to a presentation arrangement. 

Step 2: 

An impermanent work license bolster letter is given with the goal that you can apply to IRCC for a brief work grant. From that point onward, you will have 20 months to execute your field-tested strategy and present the last report. On the off chance that your business meets all necessities, you will be requested documentation to ensure you are qualified for the assignment for the lasting living arrangement. 


To qualify under the Entrepreneur Stream, you should have a suitable business that is probably going to give material monetary advantage to the economy of Ontario all in all or to the nearby Ontario economy where the organization will be found. You and one colleague (if relevant) must both meet the qualification necessities. 

On the off chance that you are welcome to apply, you should give supporting documentation to exhibit that you meet the necessities. 

The prerequisites for the Entrepreneur Stream are: 

1. Business experience 

You should have at any rate two years of full-time business involvement with the most recent 60 months. 

Your experience must be as an entrepreneur or as a ranking director (business the executives). As an entrepreneur, you probably had a functioning job in the company and claimed in any event 33% of the organization. As a ranking director, you more likely than not had high dynamic obligations in the business. 

2. Total assets 

If your proposed business is found: 

  • inside the Greater Toronto Area (City of Toronto and Durham, Halton, York, and Peel districts), you should have total base assets of 800,000 CDN. 
  • Outside of the Greater Toronto Area, you should have total base assets of $400,000 CDN. 

If your proposed business is in the data and correspondences innovation/advanced interchanges area, at that point, paying little heed to space, you should have total base assets of $400,000 CDN. 

3. Occupation creation 

On the off chance that the business is situated inside the Greater Toronto Area, you should make in any event two perpetual all day occupations for Canadian residents or changeless occupants. On the off chance that the organization is situated outside the Greater Toronto Area or in the data and interchanges innovation or electronic correspondences part, paying little heed to the area, you should make at any rate one perpetual all-day work for a Canadian resident or lasting occupant. Posts must be made inside the initial 20 months of building up or gaining the business, must be filled persistently for in any event ten months, and must be paid at the middle pay level for the position.


Be the next entrepreneur in Canada

Invest the capital, and own your business in Canada and Lead the citizenship of Canada

Don’t be upset with closing of the Immigrant Investors (IIP) and Entrepreneurs (EN) program, which is a big lose for foreign investors who choose Canada to invest their capital. There are many programs awaiting for you to shine your fate and try your luck. Trying is worth when it can lead to the good amendments which can customize your life.

It is well acclaimed fact that money can buy you all your needs and amenities then what else is needed, that is GROWTH. If one owns a business, have an urge to start a business in Canada, then there is a program to see a stabled life in formative years. The program is Owner operator work permit, prove the ownership and have a new start-up business in Canada. Without any obstacles, one can have his company by just investing the capital which can return as a permanent residency.

This program does not ask you to search a job and an employer in CANADA. It will only demand the skills you possess and the money you are supposed to spend to get a job, just invest that amount to become an entrepreneur and own your company in CANADA. What it costs you extra, nothing, just ask you to design a business plan ,get it sanctioned by the Canadian government ,show yourself as an active participant in your plan and investment. What you do not have to do…. don’t be a passive participant.

The ultimate goal is to migrate to CANADA and for that one needs to get CLB 5 score. Here, by investing in this program, there is no need to look for a job. This program will help you to acquire 50 points by investing the money in building your own company.

You will be the boss of your own company. You have to show your project design , Canadian government will pass your plan and everything would be done by just sitting in India and you will be able to open your own company. Yes,I am serious and one more important thing that the age bar is 64 to invest in this program. It can be done and there would be no problem to achieve this agenda. We are here to help you.

Gain more confidence and certainty by putting up the same endeavors, you put here, nothing would be different but the growth opportunities would be more. Thus, the federal government is in wait for you to invest your capital and the question arises about the chances of being selected. My wonderful candidate, you will be determined as a foreigner investor and boosting Canadian economy, which would make all your chances to be selected by the Canadian government at first hand. Therefore, if you are an Indian entrepreneur, access this golden opportunity and become the valuable foreign investor.

OINP Entrepreneur Stream

Lump sum Amount


Note: Government fee is excluded.

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