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Canada Visitor Visa

Canada tourist visa is a temporary visa granted for the purpose of tourism and leisure. It is a short time immigration option for the visitors. As the maximum duration of Canada’s tourist visa is 6 months. The tourist visa is also known as visitor’s visa. The tourist visa cannot be used or renewed once expired. However, one can apply for the visa again.

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Types of the tourist visa.

There are 2 types of Canada tourist visas

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa

Single entry visa: In this visa, a person is allowed to travel only once in Canada. As soon as the person leaves Canada, he needs a new visitor visa to enter again in Canada until and unless he is traveling to the United States and St. Pierre and Miquelon. However, if a person is traveling to the United States, St. Pierre or Miquelon, then he can visit back to Canada without getting a new travel visa.

Multiple entry systems: In this type of visa, a person can come and go from Canada without the need of getting a new visitor visa each time. However, a person cannot live in Canada for more than 6 months in one go. That means a person has to visit his home country after duration of 6 months. The longest validity of this visa is of 10 years or 1 month before the expiry of the passport, whichever comes earlier.

What are the necessary requirements to visit Canada on a tourist visa?

Here are some requirements that need to be fulfilled if you are planning to visit Canada.

  • One must have complete travel documents such as passport etc.
  • The traveler should be in a good health. For this, a medical test is conducted and a medical certificate is granted.
  • The moral character of the traveler should be good i.e. a person should hold a positive reputation i.e. have no criminal records and also belongs to a reputed family.
  • The traveler must be able to convince and prove visa officer that he has a family, property, assets and a business/reputed job which can work as incentives which confirm one’s traveling back to their home country.
  • The traveler must convince the immigration officer that he will leave the country before the expiry date of the visa. This can be done by booking the return ticket in advance.
  • The traveler has to show that he has enough funds to support himself in Canada. As the amount only will decide the duration of your stay in Canada. Moreover, the traveler has to reveal the place of their stay, i.e. where they are going to stay in Canada, such as with relatives, with friends, or in paid accommodation.
  • The traveler must confirm the visa officer about his intentions of not seeking an employment in Canada under a tourist visa.

What are the steps to apply for Canada’s tourist visa?

The main procedure of applying for Canada tourist visa is as follows:

1. Applying for the visa: There are two available options for applying for the visa.

  • Apply online: To apply online you should have access to a credit card and a scanner or camera in order to be able to create electronic copies of your supporting documents.
  • Apply on paper: To apply on paper download the application form for your visa and the relevant checklist.

2. Fill the tourist visa application form: Read the instruction guide and carefully fill up the application form. Note that the completed application must include the barcode page. Your application may be returned or refused if you do not provide all the requested information, documents, and fees.

3. Pay the processing fee: The third step is about paying the application fees for the visa. Fees must be paid by Demand Draft or by Certified Cheque.

4. Visit local Canada Visa Application Center: Visit your local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC). Applicant must carry their passport, photographs, completed forms and all supporting documents as per checklist and CIC fee instrument and payment instructions.

5. Submit your application form: At the CVAC submit your completed application and pay your service charges. You will receive a receipt. This receipt will contain your unique tracking number which is necessary to track the progress of your application online. You will also be required to give your biometrics

6. Track your application: Now, with the given unique id, you can track your application and wait for the approval.

Canada Visitor Visa

Lump sum Amount


Note: Government fee is excluded.

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