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All About Canada Express Entry Draws- 2019 – Meharban Overseas

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All About Canada Express Entry Draws- 2019 – Meharban Overseas

Many changes and relaxations have been made in the Canadian immigration system in the Canada Express Entry latest draw System to give the best CRS score to potential candidates.

The nomination procedure has become more transparent and flexible because of the new updated Selection procedure for the candidates from the Express Entry Pool.

From now on the Express Entry system will be able to rank candidates in the total candidate pools with tied scores under the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System which will give way to the highest CRS ranking candidate and applicant to apply for a Canadian PR.


Since the year 2015, the year of its inception, there have been many exciting changes in the express entry system and the rounds of invitation.

From then on more points have been awarded for Canadian education, French proficiency and siblings in Canada.

Also the express entry system is now become more favorable for migrants to apply under Federal skilled workers program, Provincial Nominee Programs and Canadian Experience class programs.

In the 2019 draws till now the lowest cut off have been 438.

Over time it is expected that the distributions of the scores will continue to evolve as the composition of invited candidates.

The regular draws which are conducted by CIC are conducted to invite skilled and qualified workers under various different immigration programs.

The majorly ITAs are provided under FSWP with average CRS score range from 438 to 465. To understand this better we will need to wait and watch the express entry draws for the coming months.

To improve your CRS score if applicable it is a good idea to regularly update your profile and thus obtain additional points for a job offer, improved language proficiency score, Canadian education and partner evaluation etc.


In case you are not invited to apply for a PR visa within a period of 6 months of submitting the express entry profile of yours then the profile will automatically expire. The profile will be removed from the system when it expires and you will get a message and a notification in your account.

You are still allowed to create a new profile but you should remember that every year you will be losing 5 to 7 points because of your increasing age and this may reduce your chances for selection and thus it is a good idea to try some other path to immigration


Canada is a beautiful country with a high standard of living and moving to Canada is a great challenge as well as an exciting opportunity. But you must remember that simply being eligible in not you need to be invited to apply.

Also getting into the express entry pool does not mean that you will be invited to apply for a PR.

The better and higher your CRS score the more your chances of receiving an invitation,

So these are some tips which will help you improve your CRS score:


If you take an ECA for your spouse and you are planning to immigrate with him or her then you can get up to 10 extra points and that can be a great differentiator and thus it is a great idea to go for an ECA for your spouse.


If your partner can read and write well in English then that can improve your CRS score by up to 20 points and thus it makes sense to have your partner practice his English and become proficient in it as it will be very beneficial for you and your spouse in your immigration plans.


If you are lucky enough to have siblings in Canada then you can get an advantage of upto 15 CRS points. Also, the siblings should be permanent residents and citizens of Canada and they need to be more than 18 years old.


Also if you are planning to move to Canada with your spouse then you might as well consider whom from you two should apply as the younger the applicant the better CRS score he or she will get. You can get an advantage of about 110 CRS points if your spouse is younger than you.


The 2 official languages of Canada are English and French and if you are proficient in any of these two languages then you will have a great advantage. You can get upto 260 CRS score if you have good English skills. Also a good proficiency will help you get a good job in Canada too.

Also if you achieve CLB9BAND in IELTS test then that will give a boost to your score and you will get upto 136 CRS score because of that.

Apart from these there are two long term options as well which are:


With this nomination, you can boost your score to up to 600 CRS. This nomination also speeds up your immigration process and also helps you get a PR of Canada.

Each province in Canada has their own provincial nomination criteria like employment demand list, point system, quota availability and more. These criteria keep changing with time and the PNP categories open and close quite quickly sometime within hours or days.

Thus if you want to capitalize on this opportunity then you should keep track of Canadian immigration news and have all your documents ready and in place.


It is not easy to get a job offer in Canada from outside of Canada but it is not impossible either and thus if you land a job offer in Canada then your CRS score will get a big boost and your chances of getting a PR will surely increase.

Every country wants professionals which can contribute to the country and the economy and if you can prove you can do so then you have a great chance of getting a PR.

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