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A taste of international flavours from home: Virtual Food Expo

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A taste of international flavours from home: Virtual Food Expo

On April 17 and 18, 2021, the virtual Toronto Artistic Food Expo, featured a wide range of cuisines from diverse cultures Japanese, Jamaican, Thai, Indian, Italian, Chinese and Mexican, and showcased the culinary talents of local restaurants and chefs from different cultural backgrounds Chef Nuit Regular, Chef Roberto Marotta, Chef Stephanie Tucci, Chef Erika Araujio, Chef Daniel Corona, Chef Chuchi Rivero, Chef Luciano Schipano, Miyuki’s Table, Chef Marianna Romano, The Sister’s Table, Tita’s Mexican Food…and many more. Missed the event? See links to event recordings below.

Not only did the expo have mouth-watering recipe demos, the chefs also shared their own personal inspirational stories their culinary journeys, hardships during COVID, their passions for the the hospitality industry and giving back to the community.

Tareq Hadhad, founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate and a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award Winner, who originally came to Canada as a refugee, his passion for peace and his inspiring journey or relaunching his family’s chocolate company into an international business.

Restaurants, catering companies and tourism businesses have been adversely affected due to COVID-19. This event gave business owners an opportunity to promote their products and companies while providing attendees with extensive food facts and knowledge.

The Toronto Artistic Food Expo is organized by Artists and Artisans Development Network together with Saffron Hub and supported by the City of Toronto, Show Love TO, and Metro. The next event will be in August 2021.

Missed the event? Access recordings below

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